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Americut Gems cuts and polishes sapphires that are mined near Rock Creek in southwestern Montana. Our “All American Sapphire™” is precision cut and polished in the US with our proprietary robotic cutting/polishing technology. This technology makes it possible for us to finish all of our stones in the US, in many shapes and in all sizes from 2 mm +.

There are several advantages to producing gemstones with robotic technology in the USA. The first is transparency. The “All American Sapphire™” is mined, cut and polished in the USA. For this reason, it may be the most environmentally friendly, and transparent “mine to market” precious gemstone in the trade. We value this transparency and are both proud and pleased to make it available to a public that is increasingly concerned about environmental stewardship and worker safety.

A second advantage to producing precision cut polished gemstones with robotic technology is their more uniform and superior face up appearance. A third advantage is that robotic cutting makes it possible to produce unique custom designs that would be difficult to execute and replicate by hand.

Sapphire is the only precious gemstone mined in the USA in commercial quantities. Americut Gems considers it a national treasure. We believe it should be cut and polished to the highest possible standards. We are confident that there are no other sapphires anywhere in the world that are finished better than the “All American Sapphire™”.