So Fresh + So Clean 2019


Ethical Metalsmiths Students proudly present:

So Fresh + So Clean 2019
Student Exhibition and Emerging Artist Award

2019 Jury:
EM Students, VCU Chapter: Taylor Zarkades King, Andy Lowrie
Guest Juror: Sarah Rachel Brown, Contemporary jeweler and host + producer of the Perceived Value Podcast

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So Fresh + So Clean 2019 Award Winners

Cathryn Jasterzbski
Prize $1000, Sponsor: Richline Group

Master of Fine Arts 2019, Rhode Island School of Design, USA

“What began as a fairly traditional jewelers studio became a salvage yard for industrial steel scrap metal that was treated with the same delicacy and skilfulness as platinum, gold, and silver jewelry. My work aims to reduce the waste of precious and non-precious metal through the practice of reclaiming site-specific scrap steel from labor intensive and industrial locations. This material/process shift laid the foundation for my current practice where I utilize this discarded material as a metaphoric representation of class constructs that I straddle within my life.”


Mizuki Tochigi
2019 GUEST JUROR'S CHOICE (Sarah Rachel Brown)
Prize $500, Sponsor: Rio Grande

BA Jewellery Design 2020, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London, UK

“To make a little difference in each person, I tried to make the viewer or wearer think about what the issue behind the concept is. I started this collection from the waste material, and I tried not to manipulate too much from the original material. I wanted to appreciate the original shape which makes the piece unique. I also tried not to make waste, which I succeeded in this project. Ethical practice pushes me to use waste material, to make less waste, and use less energy resources or environmentally unfriendly bonding. I interacted with people through this collection and exchanged brooches with sustainable promises. Not only using waste material but making a direct change on people’s acts for sustainability is what I believe as the new way of communicating through a jewelry piece.”


Maya Rose Weiss
Prize $250, Sponsor: No Dirty Gold

Bachelors of Fine Arts 2018, Pratt Institute, USA

“I create many pieces without electricity or gas, using only my hands to weave together natural fibers (wool, flax, or hemp) into light, organic forms. There is no unwanted waste in these forms and no harm to the planet or others. When I work this way, I am also interested in connecting with an ancient, reverent simplicity, that is born of a profound appreciation for our planet and each other. I consider awareness surrounding ethically sourced, non-harmful materials, to be an integral part of my creative endeavors. As I consider ways of working with materials, the earth and other humans, this deepened consciousness has the opportunity to permeate the forms themselves. It reveals itself to me, in form, texture and design, moment by moment. Ethical making is a practice of discovery.”


A Message from the Jury:

It’s a complex thing jurying an exhibition; I am honored to have had this opportunity and simultaneously, it really stressed me out. Mostly because as an artist, I am familiar with what rejection or acceptance feels like and as the juror, it is my job to impart this on the student applicants. As I juried, I looked for work that was well made and spoke to the premise of the exhibition, while also taking into account which artists I felt an acceptance at this point in their career might propel their work forward and vice versa, artists I felt a rejection could possibly be a catalyst for growth within their practice. Of course, sometimes I went with my gut and chose a piece just because I liked it.

Regardless of the outcome of these applications, when experiencing rejection or acceptance, remember that it’s arbitrary. Thank you to the 88 student artists who applied and allowed me to be your juror and to those accepted and awarded, my sincere congratulations. Spend that prize money wisely.

2019 Guest Juror, Sarah Rachel Brown
Contemporary jeweler and host + producer of the Perceived Value Podcast


So Fresh:
Work that’s happening now, challenging how we define the field of metalsmithing and jewelry.

So Clean:
Looking at how our studio practices impact the environment and human health.


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