So Fresh + So Clean 2018


Ethical Metalsmith Students proudly present:

So Fresh + So Clean 2018
Student Exhibition and Emerging Artist Award

2018 Jury:
EM Students, VCU Chapter: Taylor Zarkades King, Anne Bujold, Everett Hoffman, Megan Wachs, Haiyin Liang
Guest Juror: Curtis Arima

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So Fresh + So Clean 2018 Award Winners

Michael Hull
Prize $1000, Sponsor: Richline Group

Bachelor of Fine Arts 2018, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA

“My work is a response to the state of the world around me, specifically late-capitalism and the materials of the Anthropocene. Wastefulness abounds in this society built on convenience and commerce, and as a result there are excessive amounts of resources being discarded into landfills, oceans, and the spaces in which we live. In the streets, I find metal tobacco lids, bottle caps, and other rubbish, which I manipulate into forms representing the trash that is ever-present in the landscape. These “icons” of trash function as wearable jewelry objects, meant to be worn as badges of identity.”


Erica Hoosic
2018 GUEST JUROR'S CHOICE (Curtis Arima)
Prize $500, Sponsor: Rio Grande

Master of Fine Arts 2018, Kent State University, USA

“The wearable art-forms I create are scaled-down ecosystems made-up of collected discarded items that I have molded into natural looking forms. The discarded bits of ephemeral debris are used as my material to make synthetic nature pieces to set into my work. The vegetation species that I make are inspired by thinking about the human form as a celestial body. I form the discarded material to mimic nature. I do this to relate the unwanted material to the nature of humankind. Nothing else in nature creates product waste this issue is unique to that of humankind. I observe what discarded products of industry look like against flora. I imagine what foliage would look like if it had to be rebuilt after extinction. I imagine what materials will be left on Earth at the end of time.”


Nina Van Duijnhoven
Prize $250, Sponsor: No Dirty Gold

Bachelor of Applied Arts 2017, Whitireia, New Zealand

“A burning question.”

“This work examines our attitudes towards the use of energy and climate change. Even though there is an increasing awareness about global warming, carbon emissions are still on the rise.
Is global warming real and should we urgently change our use our energies such as coal and oil or else face world-wide disaster?

While we may feel powerless in the face of many world-wide problems, do we all have a role to play at individual and government level when it comes to climate change?

Many people think that our social and political efforts are too insignificant to make a difference. But, if we all influence each other, could the ripple effect be more powerful than we can imagine?”


So Fresh + So Clean Showcase

So Fresh:
Work that’s happening now, challenging how we define the field of metalsmithing and jewelry.

So Clean:
Looking at how our studio practices impact the environment and human health.


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