So Fresh + So Clean 2016


Ethical Metalsmith Students proudly present:

So Fresh + So Clean 2016
Student Exhibition and Emerging Artist Award

2016 Jury:
EM Students, VCU Chapter: Kelley Morrison and Lucy Louise Derickson
Guest Juror: Stephanie Voegele

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So Fresh + So Clean 2016 Award Winners

Rebecca Lynn Hewitt
Prize $1000, Sponsor: Richline Group

Bachelor of Fine Arts 2016, The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, USA

“My biggest concern in the jewelry and metals field right now is the lack of conversation surrounding obtaining a more ethical practice. In my studies, there was little conversation surrounding responsible Metalsmithing. The lack of conversation about how to have an ethical practice is alarming because it doesn’t need to be difficult. I’ve found that the more I actively seek to talk with others about the way that they achieve a more ethical practice, the more I’m able to research and change my own practice to be more ethical.”

Clair Poppi
2016 GUEST JUROR'S CHOICE (Stephanie Voegele)
Prize $500, Sponsor: Rio Grande

Graduate Student, Queensland College of Art (Griffith University), AUS

“My work is primarily concerned with the modes of mass production in commercial jewellery manufacture which have led to a throw away, fast fashion aesthetic where consumers are removed from the processes behind the construction of what they consume and the environmental impacts of their habits. Through social engagement ‘147 grams, 3 carats’ seeks to connect with participants in an intimate way, delving into their personal lives to create highly sentimental jewellery which is experienced, worn and documented, to then be destroyed, re-designed and re-made for the next participant. Starting with 147grams of recycled silver 1 and approximately 3 carats of ethically sourced 2 QLD topaz, zircon and sapphires, these same materials are recycled and re-used throughout the project, playing with the idea of fast fashion while demonstrating for participants an ethical production model to inform their future jewellery consumption choices.”

Emily Culver
Prize $250, Sponsor: No Dirty Gold

Graduate Student, Cranbrook Academy of Art, USA

“As an artist, I try to use recycled or scrap materials (mainly wood and metal) as well as repurposed objects in my work whenever possible. I feel that a responsible practice entails not only being resourceful, but also having a sufficient understanding of how raw materials are processed. Only through gaining this understanding can one fully appreciate the materials that one works with.”

A message from Ethical Metalsmiths Students,

Thank you, once again, to all that submitted work to this year’s So Fresh + So Clean Ethical Metalsmiths International Student Exhibition and Emerging Artist Award! We are grateful to those who see their work through the lens of environmental and human health, and for showing us a glimpse of your studio practice. We are excited to share with you a collection of student work from around the world that strengthens and exemplifies the mission of Ethical Metalsmiths.

What does it mean to be an Ethical Metalsmith? We have found that students have defined this through material sourcing, healthy studio practices, and engaging their viewers through conceptual investigation.

The Ethical Metalsmiths Students strives to be a platform through which students can showcase what being ethical means to them. Students are looking outside of themselves and their work to see and embrace a bigger picture in which the objects we make and the materials we use matter. A fully sustainable practice may not be an attainable goal, but we are encouraged by how many students are constantly striving to make informed and thoughtful decisions about their practice.

As So Fresh + So Clean continue to grow we hope that these values find their way into studios and classrooms around the world. The only way to get there is to keep encouraging work that considers ethical making and to keep talking about ways that we can all do better!

Ethical Metalsmiths Students, VCU Chapter

Lucy Derickson and Kelley Morrison


So Fresh + So Clean 2016 Showcase

So Fresh:
Work that’s happening now, challenging how we define the field of metalsmithing and jewelry.

So Clean:
Looking at how our studio practices impact the environment and human health.


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Thank you to our So Fresh + So Clean sponsors!

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