Balefire Goods

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Beautiful and unique artisan crafted jewelry using ethically sourced materials.


7417 Grandview

Arvada, CO 80002



Balefire Goods is an artisan jewelry gallery that brings together the best in contemporary, handmade jewelry from artists, metalsmiths, and jewelers around the globe. Additionally, we create custom work in house and are proud to showcase local art.

We see jewelry as a unique art form because it is a sculpture that is completed by the act of being worn. Yet, when done well, jewelry can also hold up to the test of time and become an heirloom that carries with it great personal and sentimental value. Balefire’s unique artisan collection is built around this powerful synergy.

Based in Historic Olde Town Arvada, Colorado, our light-filled gallery is an approachable and engaging place to find a great gift, enjoy an art opening, support a non-profit, or learn a new skill in one of our classes.

Jamie Hollier, Balefire’s owner, studied both Art History and Metalsmithing as part of her Bachelor of Fine Arts, and is focused on building a collection that highlights creative and well-made jewelry for an assortment of tastes and budgets. Working with a diversity of techniques and materials, our artists make jewelry that is both memorable and accessible.

Balefire is more than just a jewelry store and strives to create knowledge and impact around its core beliefs:

  • Highlighting a slow fashion approach to jewelry, which includes emphasizing environmentally and ethically sourced and created products.

  • Creating community through support for local non-profits and educational events.

  • Supporting the arts by highlighting jewelry designers and other local and emerging artists.

  • Emphasizing inclusion with a welcoming environment for all and a non-gendered approach to jewelry.