Wendy Woldenberg Jewelry Design

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The rings in Wendy Woldenberg’s collections are designed and created entirely by hand. Embracing traditional goldsmithing techniques, Wendy steers clear of computer tools like CAD in favor of the human hand. The resulting collections have the beauty of subtle differences and unique features.  

Deeply influenced by nature, Wendy, who lives in Seattle, finds inspiration in mountain hikes, backpacking trips, and beach walks. Nature’s forms, lines, and textures are the basis for each collection. Wendy applies the natural interplay of spaces to create unique rings of sublime comfort and wearability.

Wendy Woldenberg’s rings tread lightly. In an industry too often rife with corruption, toxicity, and exploitation, she uses only ethical techniques and materials, including entirely-recycled high-karat golds, platinum, and palladium.  Wendy only sets gemstones which are responsibly sourced, lab-created, reclaimed, or her personal favorite, her client’s heirlooms.

Wedding, commitment, and love rings are a tangible symbol to show the world that you are in love. Rings from Wendy Woldenberg Jewelry Design take your love one step further by being completely handmade in the most ethically and environmentally sound way possible.

Not only is each ring handmade with deep meaning exclusively for the person wearing it, Wendy occasionally takes the process one step further by officiating the ceremonies of her client couples. Reflecting and celebrating love is a passion for Wendy Woldenberg Jewelry Design, not a strategy.

Celebrating your journey of love with organic, responsibly made wedding, commitment, and love bands