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My most accessible body of work, TS Classics, is the evolution of a 45 year old family jewelry business founded by my father in 1972.  Hand-forged and sculpted in sterling silver & 14k gold & 14k gold-filled wire, this line is inspired by various periods of art & architecture.

My Ethaus Collection is a direct outgrowth of TS Classics, using the fundamental design motifs of Taber Studios earlier work and moving it into the fine jewelry realm with the addition of set stones, recycled diamonds and fair trade sapphires, and 18k Fairmined gold. This collection directly supports initiatives that promote more responsible practices throughout the jewelry supply chain.

My most eclectic body of work, MT Designs Signature Collection, is a nautically/ecologically inspired haute-couture collection of fine jewelry with a deeper sense of purpose.  It challenges the wearer/viewer to redefine what it is they consider precious--the delicate juxtaposition of found objects (such as driftwood and beach rock) with a variety of precious metals, pearls, & diamonds.

All three collections maintain a strong eco-ethical component, with attention to the sourcing of materials & the education of customers and suppliers alike about the importance of supporting more responsible and sustainable practices throughout the jewelry trade.

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Simple and elegant, ecological and eclectic - From my hands to yours...enjoy.
— Taber Studios