Saskia Shutt Designs

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T. +32 2 8808 251

Dansaert Centrum,

Aalststraat 7-11

1000 Brussels, Belgium



Jewelry designer Saskia Shutt set up her jewelry business in the UK in 1999. In 2009, she relocated to her home town of Brussels. Her jewelry workshop is situated in the design and fashion district in the heart of the city.

Saskia fuses traditional and contemporary design to create beautiful and timeless bespoke jewelry. Most pieces are designed around colorful gemstones, which makes them unique. The strength in her work is in the elegance and simplicity of the fluid forms contrasting with the striking colors of the gemstones.

Saskia Shutt Designs specializes in personalized commissions, including unique engagement and wedding rings, as well as the remodeling of old gold jewelry. Saskia works closely with clients to realize their dream piece. She sources her precious metals from sustainable precious metal companies, as well as Fairmined and Fairtrade gold. Durable precious metals are an important factor in Saskia’s work and she advocates its use to her customers.

Circular design has been one of her strong factors, by promoting the recycling of her customer’s own unworn and unloved gold jewelry. By recycling old gold, Saskia grants it a new lease on life, allowing it to be worn again with joy.

Customers are welcome to visit Saskia’s jewelry workshop, by appointment, where there is an intimate showroom showcasing her bespoke collection of jewelry.

She looks forward to hearing from you with your ideas for your unique jewelry.