Rebecca Grady


T. 1.207.776.9640

1807 2nd St. Ste. 91

Santa Fe, NM 87505



Born in Alaska and raised in Maine, my creative sensibility is steeped in saltwater and mountains. When I was too little to walk I was pulled around on a sled by a GermanShepherd called Rusty. I love making things with my hands and have been creating jewelry and art for as long as I can remember.

I live with my wife in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and travel to see the ocean as much as possible. I launched my namesake jewelry line in 2013 so that I could make beautiful wedding rings out of recycled gold for my friends. Since then the collection has expanded and evolved. My jewelry is inspired by and made for all of life’s adventures. These pieces are designed to be modern heirlooms for men and women. I am committed environmentally sustainable practices and I make all of my jewelry by hand from reclaimed solid sterling silver and 14k gold with ethically-sourced stones and conflict-free diamonds.