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Patricia Lauritzen

When I was a little girl, I would sit in church holding my mother’s hand and admire her diamond engagement ring. I loved how her diamond dispersed the soft light into winking colors as I listened to readings and songs about the value of being humble, kind, and giving.

Today, my church has become nature and I love to soak in the beauty of the ever-changing ocean and sky. The memory of my mom’s diamond has always stayed with me; a moment of peace and a little reminder of the beauty in life. I love how a gem can catch the light and show you the spectrum that you can’t see with your naked eye. It’s as magical as a rainbow.

As an art nouveau designer, I hope to share these beautiful moments through the radiance of natural gems in my pieces. When my customer looks at her piece, my hope is that the beauty of it offers a moment of reprieve in her busy life and its energy and light recalls positivity and kindness. There is a hint of poetry in my designs if you look for it. I especially enjoy incorporating elements of my client's life into my custom designs.

I hand-select my gems from fair-trade suppliers, including artisanal miners and multi-generation family importers. Many stones in my collection are mined in the U.S., such as benitoite, the California State Gem. I also adore antique and fancy yellow diamonds.

For me, Rosey Skye is the light on the horizon of positive change. And I put that into practice by supporting environmental conservation and family welfare.

I hope my collection inspires you to take a moment to cherish the beautiful moments that life presents and discover your own Rosey Skye.

I believe beautiful design and fair trade can protect our planet and honor humankind.
— Patricia Lauritzen