Nk Jewel Art

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135 W. 29th Street

New York, NY



I have an MFA in Painting and have worked in ceramics, mainly with porcelain. Both these disciplines have brought me to where I am in my jewelry making.

I have been working in jewelry design and fabrication since 2009. It is a passion for me. It helps me communicate ideas both in the making of the pieces and in the final product.

I was long bothered by the gold mining and gem mining industry practices. Finding Ethical Metalsmiths has fit perfectly with my beliefs about my work and helps me source ethical and sustainable materials for my work.

It is gratifying to find an organization of people who are working to produce responsibly made jewelry.

It is fulfilling to create meaningful, beautiful pieces for people to wear with joy and pride. I am proud to be able to tell my customers that I source my supplies ethically.

Jewelry is sculpture we wear