Jennifer Dawes Design, Inc.


T: 1.888.802.0880

52 Mission Circle #124

Box 148

Santa Rosa, CA 95409



Jennifer Dawes Design, established in 2000, is a visionary jewelry brand dedicated to complete transparency, sustainability and artisanal eloquence.

We are committed to producing jewelry that is a direct extension of our foremost values. The company is built upon the importance of doing what we love and recognizing the value of the human spirit throughout the entire jewelry making process-from honoring the land and the cultures impacted by the mining of metal and stones, to the personal experience of the client choosing a piece of art to celebrate a significant moment in their life, to the importance of the artist creating a beautiful, finished piece of jewelry.

Our designs are breathtaking pieces of jewelry that not only look amazing but truly capture the core essence of the individual wearing the piece. This comes from a deep understanding of our clients’ desires and the moments they are celebrating.

Specializing in hand-crafted jewelry of recycled gold, ethically sourced metals and responsibly acquired gemstones, Jennifer Dawes Design makes jewelry for conscientious people making a difference in the world. The collection is built around gorgeous jewelry, and the added benefit of ethical and sustainable standards makes the pieces meaningful on multiple levels.

Each design combines Jennifer’s love for ancient civilizations with raw, unfinished beauty and a delicate, simple sensibility that speaks to what is happening right now in culture and design. All our work is handmade, fabricated and finished at our studio in Sonoma County, California.

Jennifer Dawes Design is a visionary jewelry brand dedicated to transparency, sustainability and artisanal eloquence.