Enji Studio Jewelry

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Even as a young child, Niki had a talent for finding the most beautiful (and probably most expensive) piece of clothing or jewelry in the store.

As she grew up, her passion for luxury design and fashion only grew and she began studying silversmithing and goldsmithing, learning how all the stunning pieces she looked at in amazement as a kid were artfully and skillfully crafted.

Niki’s passion for fair fashion and sustainability was born from the tragic news of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013. The Bangladeshi factory, which manufactured clothing for large international brands (some of whom she had even bought clothing from) collapsed, killing 1200 workers and injuring over 2000 more. This event really opened her eyes to larger issues within fashion and jewelry, and she decided that she didn’t want to contribute to the problem.

By the time Niki founded Enji at the end of 2014, she built the brand with a connection to these values. She sees the contrasts and the differences in the places she lived and traveled – how it’s all part of a larger whole. This is why she built the business around modern luxury design and traceable, responsible sourcing to create beautiful pieces you can feel proud to wear.

Niki is a GIA Graduate Jeweler and received her BA in Applied Design and BS in Marketing from San Diego State University in 2014. She was awarded the 2016 Halstead Grant Award and 2014 Windgate Fellowship Award by the Center for Craft, Creativity, and Design. She has exhibited in galleries throughout the United States and Europe and her work can be seen in the pages of Glamour, Brides, Evening Standard, National Jeweler, and more.

She also volunteers with organizations in and out of the industry such as Ethical Metalsmiths, the Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference (Marketing), and the Women’s Jewelry Association- San Diego Chapter (PR Chair), and the Alliance for HOPE (Pathways to HOPE Mentor).

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