Alexandra Hart


T: 1.619.286.9278

P.O. Box 15235

San Diego, CA 92175



What better way to communicate meaningful, lasting beauty than to design natural evolution-inspired jewelry made from socially and environmentally responsible materials? My work is about beauty found in natural forms: made of natural materials, championing nature.

I prefer not to replicate forms that exist in nature. Rather, I explore the possibilities inherent in animal and plant forms, isolating and reducing them through design to the simplest and most direct essence or gesture of the creature that inspires me.  Integrating the structure and the surface textures of each piece, I hope to create works which capture the delicate balance between bold and sensual.  I exploit the technique of hammer forming, as well as carving and fabricating, which allows me to "collaborate" with the intrinsic properties of the metal, fully utilizing the metal’s 3- dimensional potential.

In every way I try and reduce the negative impact my own life has on the environment, while working in leadership to actively help improve the world. From obsessively using recycled products to board positions in Ethical Metalsmiths and Compassion for African Villages, as well as being a Rotarian and mentor of teens, I actively participate in the greater good.

In studio, I have simplified my supply chain by purchasing from only a few vendors who guarantee the source, (usually reclaimed and recycled) as a part of company policy, preferably third party certified, or have provided me with written, signed statements as to the source of their materials. These vendors and components correspond to my record of each finished piece, allowing me to trace back easily.

Metals Artist, Designer Goldsmith: advocate and activist for responsible sourcing, for the love of nature and evolution