Maria Irene Weinz

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Miw, short for Maria Irene Weinz, was born in Bogota, Colombia. She has lived in the Caribbean, the Middle East, Africa, and Papua New Guinea. Miw has spent most of her life along coastal areas where she even taught scuba diving.

Sketching and taking photographs created a habit of meticulous observation of the ocean and marine life, her main source of inspiration.

Miw has been learning the art of design and craft for many years. In 2009, she joined the Corcoran School of Arts and Design were she studied and worked until 2015.

Her studio is in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Fairmined is the only way
— Maria Irene Weinz

Nk Jewel Art

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T: 1.917.806.2671

135 W. 29th Street

New York, NY



I have an MFA in Painting and have worked in ceramics, mainly with porcelain. Both these disciplines have brought me to where I am in my jewelry making.

I have been working in jewelry design and fabrication since 2009. It is a passion for me. It helps me communicate ideas both in the making of the pieces and in the final product.

I was long bothered by the gold mining and gem mining industry practices. Finding Ethical Metalsmiths has fit perfectly with my beliefs about my work and helps me source ethical and sustainable materials for my work.

It is gratifying to find an organization of people who are working to produce responsibly made jewelry.

It is fulfilling to create meaningful, beautiful pieces for people to wear with joy and pride. I am proud to be able to tell my customers that I source my supplies ethically.

Jewelry is sculpture we wear

Saskia Shutt Designs

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T. +32 2 8808 251

Dansaert Centrum,

Aalststraat 7-11

1000 Brussels, Belgium



Jewellery designer Saskia Shutt set up her jewellery business in the UK in 1999. In 2009, she relocated to her home town of Brussels. Her jewellery workshop is situated in the design and fashion district in the heart of the city.

Saskia fuses traditional and contemporary design to create beautiful and timeless bespoke jewellery. Most pieces are designed around colorful gemstones, which makes them unique. The strength in her work is in the elegance and simplicity of the fluid forms contrasting with the striking colours of the gemstones.

Saskia Shutt Designs specializes in personalized commissions, including unique engagement and wedding rings, as well as the remodeling of old gold jewellery. Saskia works closely with clients to realize their dream piece. She sources her precious metals from sustainable precious metal companies, as well as Fairmined and Fairtrade gold. Durable precious metals are an important factor in Saskia’s work and she advocates its use to her customers.

Circular design has been one of her strong factors, by promoting the recycling of her customer’s own unworn and unloved gold jewellery. By recycling old gold, Saskia grants it a new lease on life, allowing it to be worn again with joy.

Customers are welcome to visit Saskia’s jewellery workshop, by appointment, where there is an intimate showroom showcasing her bespoke collection of jewellery.

She looks forward to hearing from you with your ideas for your unique jewellery.


Armenta Jewelry

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T. 1.832.486.9500

10601 S Sam Houston Pkwy W

Houston, TX



Inspired by time-honored jewelry making traditions, artist Emily Armenta established an environment dedicated to creating and preserving the rich heritage of handcrafted jewelry. At the Armenta atelier, an artisan curriculum was developed to bind art and craftsmanship ensuring these techniques are passed down from generations.

The skills that our artisans receive shine through in the beauty of our products and in our identity, using ethically sourced gemstones and metals. It is the beauty of things, of people, of ideas, and embracing differences that drives our passion for creating jewelry with meaning.

Through our jewelry we have a voice and a platform to share our philosophy and dedication to being a positive force that empowers the condition of human life.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
— Mahatma Gandhi

Christy Natsumi Jewelry


T. 1.415.902.3331

833 Market St.

Suite 527 

San Francisco CA 94103



Christy Natsumi is an independent fine jewelry designer in San Francisco, CA. We specialize in wedding rings, engagement rings, and modern jewelry essentials so you can wear meaningful reminders of all of your special celebrations. We love a clean, minimal look accentuated with a twist to make sure you are getting something that is unique but will also stand the test of time. Christy Natsumi is proud to be a certified San Francisco Green Business and has been featured in The Knot, Design Sponge, Brides, and San Francisco Magazine.

We believe that it’s not enough to create beautiful products. It must be made in ways that enhances the beauty in the lives of the people who contribute to its creation and to the environment from which the materials came from. We do this by working with trusted vendors with honest supply chains, implementing eco-minded studio practices, using alternative stones such as antique, recycled, and domestically sourced diamonds and gemstones, and consciously designing for quality and longevity. By purchasing from Christy Natsumi, you are not only supporting skilled craftsmen and women in San Francisco, but also a network of vendors who are committed to celebrating and respecting the earth’s beautiful resources.

Celebrating inclusivity, diversity, and the infinite ways we love and are loved is at the core of everything we do.

Aide-Mémoire Jewelry

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T. 1-206-632-0677

Seattle, WA 98103



Handmade bespoke eco-friendly & conflict-free fine jewelry, wedding bands and engagement rings, designed by Aran Galligan in Seattle, Washington. Our mission is to create future heirlooms in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Aran Galligan is inspired both by principles of modern design – functionality, truth to materials, and beauty through simplicity – as well as an aesthetic value the Japanese call Wabi-sabi, where beauty often lies in the imperfect mark of the hand. This aesthetic celebrates the beauty in the slight imperfections of nature. It accepts the process of growth and decay, valuing modesty, simplicity, humbleness and integrity of purpose. These principles are integral to Aran’s unique handmade creations.


Alexandra Hart


T: 1.619.286.9278

P.O. Box 15235

San Diego, CA 92175



What better way to communicate meaningful, lasting beauty than to design natural evolution-inspired jewelry made from socially and environmentally responsible materials? My work is about beauty found in natural forms: made of natural materials, championing nature.

I prefer not to replicate forms that exist in nature. Rather, I explore the possibilities inherent in animal and plant forms, isolating and reducing them through design to the simplest and most direct essence or gesture of the creature that inspires me.  Integrating the structure and the surface textures of each piece, I hope to create works which capture the delicate balance between bold and sensual.  I exploit the technique of hammer forming, as well as carving and fabricating, which allows me to "collaborate" with the intrinsic properties of the metal, fully utilizing the metal’s 3- dimensional potential.

In every way I try and reduce the negative impact my own life has on the environment, while working in leadership to actively help improve the world. From obsessively using recycled products to board positions in Ethical Metalsmiths and Compassion for African Villages, as well as being a Rotarian and mentor of teens, I actively participate in the greater good.

In studio, I have simplified my supply chain by purchasing from only a few vendors who guarantee the source, (usually reclaimed and recycled) as a part of company policy, preferably third party certified, or have provided me with written, signed statements as to the source of their materials. These vendors and components correspond to my record of each finished piece, allowing me to trace back easily.

Metals Artist, Designer Goldsmith: advocate and activist for responsible sourcing, for the love of nature and evolution

Jennifer Dawes Design, Inc.


T: 1.888.802.0880

52 Mission Circle #124

Box 148

Santa Rosa, CA 95409



Jennifer Dawes Design, established in 2000, is a visionary jewelry brand dedicated to complete transparency, sustainability and artisanal eloquence.

We are committed to producing jewelry that is a direct extension of our foremost values. The company is built upon the importance of doing what we love and recognizing the value of the human spirit throughout the entire jewelry making process-from honoring the land and the cultures impacted by the mining of metal and stones, to the personal experience of the client choosing a piece of art to celebrate a significant moment in their life, to the importance of the artist creating a beautiful, finished piece of jewelry.

Our designs are breathtaking pieces of jewelry that not only look amazing but truly capture the core essence of the individual wearing the piece. This comes from a deep understanding of our clients’ desires and the moments they are celebrating.

Specializing in hand-crafted jewelry of recycled gold, ethically sourced metals and responsibly acquired gemstones, Jennifer Dawes Design makes jewelry for conscientious people making a difference in the world. The collection is built around gorgeous jewelry, and the added benefit of ethical and sustainable standards makes the pieces meaningful on multiple levels.

Each design combines Jennifer’s love for ancient civilizations with raw, unfinished beauty and a delicate, simple sensibility that speaks to what is happening right now in culture and design. All our work is handmade, fabricated and finished at our studio in Sonoma County, California.

Jennifer Dawes Design is a visionary jewelry brand dedicated to transparency, sustainability and artisanal eloquence.

Luana Coonen Jewelry


T: 1.510.712.3362

100 Brown St, Suite 220

Sebastopol, CA 95472



Luana Coonen is known for her mystical nature-inspired jewelry, created with traditional goldsmithing techniques blended with a modern and feminine design aesthetic.

Born and raised in the tropics of Hawaii, she has an undeniable connection with nature, it's in her blood. Raised by a farmer father and artist mother, she learned to appreciate every unique aspect of nature and how to bring those lessons into an art practice. Her jewelry is focused on the delicate balance between the organic and the manmade.

These nature-based lessons are reinforced by her passion to use found objects and sustainable materials; giving new life to recycled gold, reclaimed antique stones and beach-combed treasures. Pressed flower petals and insect wings often make an appearance in her designs to avoid the mining system. Growing up on a small island taught her at a very young age that everything is connected and we must tread lightly on this earth. Luana holds a BFA in Jewelry/Metal Arts from California College of the Arts, and founded her jewelry business in Northern California in 2008.

Luana Coonen Jewelry is based out of Sebastopol, CA, amongst the rolling vineyards of the Russian River Valley. She teaches goldsmithing workshops at various trade schools and art centers, excelling in the topics of Jewelry Business, Alternative Materials, and Cold Connections. When not in her jewelry studio or teaching, you will likely find her hiking and camping around the US, or traveling internationally with friends in search of new inspiration.

I care about the environment, excellent design, and good craftsmanship

Taber Studios


T: 1.209.617.2580

1442A Walnut St. #77

Berkeley, CA 94709



My most accessible body of work, TS Classics, is the evolution of a 45 year old family jewelry business founded by my father in 1972.  Hand-forged and sculpted in sterling silver & 14k gold & 14k gold-filled wire, this line is inspired by various periods of art & architecture.

My Ethaus Collection is a direct outgrowth of TS Classics, using the fundamental design motifs of Taber Studios earlier work and moving it into the fine jewelry realm with the addition of set stones, recycled diamonds and fair trade sapphires, and 18k Fairmined gold. This collection directly supports initiatives that promote more responsible practices throughout the jewelry supply chain.

My most eclectic body of work, MT Designs Signature Collection, is a nautically/ecologically inspired haute-couture collection of fine jewelry with a deeper sense of purpose.  It challenges the wearer/viewer to redefine what it is they consider precious--the delicate juxtaposition of found objects (such as driftwood and beach rock) with a variety of precious metals, pearls, & diamonds.

All three collections maintain a strong eco-ethical component, with attention to the sourcing of materials & the education of customers and suppliers alike about the importance of supporting more responsible and sustainable practices throughout the jewelry trade.

compliance rating
Simple and elegant, ecological and eclectic - From my hands to yours...enjoy.

Susan Crow for East Fourth Street


T: 1.612.735.1712

Northfield, MN 55057



East Fourth Street Jewelry creates sustainable jewelry for the discerning, conscientious person who understands and loves good design. They are dedicated to responsible supply chains that speak of their ethics of transparency in environmental and ethical mining of their metals, diamonds and gemstones.

The brand, designed by Susan Crow, was born in the Heartlands with strong connections to Scandinavian design and culture, where being stewards of the earth is expected. Minimalistic, clean lines as well as the textures and shapes of nature influence her  lifestyle and design sense.

East Fourth Street blends together heritage and fine design in its collections of engagement and wedding rings as well as their everyday jewelry - all which are made from recycled or FAIRMINED precious metals, diamonds and gemstones that are chosen carefully, striving for mine to market traceability.

Susan has been recognized as a leader in integrating sustainability into East Fourth Street’s supply chains. She is on the board of Ethical Metalsmiths and is 1 of fewer than 40 jewelers in the country licensed by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) to make jewelry from FAIRMINED metals.

“Having the opportunity to work with such precious natural resources is a gift, and a responsibility to source them with environmental and ethical stewardship that speaks of solidarity and global support.”

East Fourth Street is a jewelry brand with exceptional environmental and ethical stewardship that speaks of solidarity and global support.

Wendy Woldenberg Jewelry Design

Wendy Woldenberg.jpg

The rings in Wendy Woldenberg’s collections are designed and created entirely by hand. Embracing traditional goldsmithing techniques, Wendy steers clear of computer tools like CAD in favor of the human hand. The resulting collections have the beauty of subtle differences and unique features.  

Deeply influenced by nature, Wendy, who lives in Seattle, finds inspiration in mountain hikes, backpacking trips, and beach walks. Nature’s forms, lines, and textures are the basis for each collection. Wendy applies the natural interplay of spaces to create unique rings of sublime comfort and wearability.

Wendy Woldenberg’s rings tread lightly. In an industry too often rife with corruption, toxicity, and exploitation, she uses only ethical techniques and materials, including entirely-recycled high-karat golds, platinum, and palladium.  Wendy only sets gemstones which are responsibly sourced, lab-created, reclaimed, or her personal favorite, her client’s heirlooms.

Wedding, commitment, and love rings are a tangible symbol to show the world that you are in love. Rings from Wendy Woldenberg Jewelry Design take your love one step further by being completely handmade in the most ethically and environmentally sound way possible.

Not only is each ring handmade with deep meaning exclusively for the person wearing it, Wendy occasionally takes the process one step further by officiating the ceremonies of her client couples. Reflecting and celebrating love is a passion for Wendy Woldenberg Jewelry Design, not a strategy.

Celebrating your journey of love with organic, responsibly made wedding, commitment, and love bands

Kathleen Lynagh


T: 1.619.543.9569

2150 W. Washington Street

Suite 301

San Diego, CA 92110



Kathleen Lynagh House creates jewelry that embodies her love of design, creativity and fine craftsmanship.

A native of Philadelphia, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from Arcadia University. For several years she worked for the Hillier Group, a highly respected architectural firm, as Senior Graphic Designer and Associate. While working for the Hillier Group, she was selected to attend a unique program offered by the Yale School of Design, in Brissago, Switzerland, where she studied sculpture, graphic design, and photography.

In the early 90's Kathleen followed her dream to live in Florence.  She attended the Studio Art Center International (SACI) in Florence, Italy. Upon returning to the United States, she continued her jewelry studies at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA. In 1991, she made the cross country journey to live and work in San Francisco. It was here that she worked under a master goldsmith learning many skills and tools of the trade.

In 1995, inspired by her client’s enthusiasm for her designs, she launched her own jewelry design business and continues to hand make all her own pieces.

As Kathleen developed her jewelry collections, she also developed her awareness about the materials she used and where they come from.... the earth. In keeping with her personal beliefs of doing one's best to conserve nature, she has added the use of 100% reclaimed Sterling Silver to all of her cast pieces.

All through the ages jewelry has been an ever-present element in our lives. It is a timeless art form that is worn to adorn and commemorate life. It is my pleasure to create designs that will become part of people’s lives and continue these creative traditions.

Susan Wheeler Design


Susan has a formal background in art and poetry but came to jewelry through the craft school and Park District studio in Chicago.  

She is passionate about responsible sourcing and works to further the cause of responsible jewelry practices thoughtout the jewelry industry.

Susan sculpts jewelry from clay and sun bakes it before molding and casting into 18 karat Fairmined gold, creating jewelry that has a natural and organic surface that has been formed without human manipulation but rather with natural elements.

Susan is currently a board member of Ethical Metalsmiths, a Lead on the Initiatives committee of Jewelry Industry Summit and is the founder of The Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference.

I strive to make uniquely beautiful jewelry that will make a better world community in its creation and existence.