I must report that the experience has changed this department. Our on-going conversations about sustainable and responsible sourcing and all things ethical metalsmithing-like are inspiring. All of us were really dramatically changed by the experience.

Margaret Yaukey - Assoc. Prof. and Metal Area Head, Appalachian State University


Radical Jewelry Makeover (RJM) is a community jewelry mining and recycling project of Ethical Metalsmiths that uses donated jewelry to create an alternative to mining and manufactured jewelry. The project encourages consideration of the social and environmental impacts of mining and jewelry production. RJM draws public attention to the creativity and skills of jewelry designers, reveals the stories behind our personal collections and encourages re-consideration of our habits of consumption. Jewelers donate their time and skills to this community focused project. For more information visit our main Radical Jewelry Makeover page.

RJM has reached thousands of people since it was launched in 2007 in Richmond, VA at Virginia Commonwealth University. Funds raised through the sale of Makeover jewelry are used to further the Ethical Metalsmiths mission to lead jewelers and consumers in becoming informed activists for responsible mining, sustainable economic development and verified, ethical sources of materials used in making jewelry.


Due to popular demand! the Radical Jewelry Makeover TOOL KIT was designed to introduce more jewelers (student and professional) as well as reach the general public with the mission of Ethical Metalsmiths and to offer a hands-on opprtunity to get involved.

The RJM Tool Kit provides a diverse range of institutions such as, universities, high schools, guilds, and art centers, with practical information for organizing their own Radical Jewelry Makeover event.

The Radical Jewelry Makeover Tool Kit is available to these institutions for an appropriate rate based on your project and also offers potential fundraising opportunities for your school or group.  Interested? CONTACT US.

Some of the documents, information, and presentations contained in the kit include:
•    Memorandum of Understanding outlining terms of agreement
•    Curriculum materials helpful for framing the conceptual parameters of the project
•    Presentation on RJM, background, material sourcing, how it works
•    Presentation on design strategies for working with this often difficult to use material
•    How to assess donated jewelry (in order to use it as raw material for makeover projects)
•    How to photograph work
•    List of needed supplies
•    List of demonstrations
•    Preparing for a culminating exhibition (location, jewelry pricing, promotion)
•    How to cater the schedule to the needs of each unique RJM
•    RJM logo (color unique to each project)
•    One-on-one planning guidance as well as assistance throught every stage of the project.

Please contact us to learn how you can organize a Radical Jewelry Makeover.