Where to Buy - Supplier Listing

This resource is continually updated. Please check back often for new listings as well as additional information on specific suppliers and their practices. 

Suppliers are currently organized under the following categories based on materials:

Precious Metals
Fairtrade / Fairmined Gold
Colored Gemstones

Please contact us if you would like to recommend a supplier or if you have reason to challenge supplier claims.

* Ethical Metalsmiths lists suppliers that have publicly demonstrated their commitment to ethical practices or have voluntarily sought out independent, 3rd party certification to verify company claims. Additionally, jewelers that support Ethical Metalsmiths work have also recommended the listed companies based on personal experience. None of the companies listed have requested being identified here. They have been identified and listed by Ethical Metalsmiths.

Ethical Metalsmiths is not a certification body and therefore does not certify the claims made by companies listed here. Jewelers using this resource should carefully vet each vendor against his/her own ethical standards.