Ethical Sourcing Consortium

Ethical Metalsmiths invites you to join the Ethical Sourcing Consortium of jewelers. Through the purchase of traceable & transparent materials, we will support small-scale mining producer communities and other responsible sources. JOIN US.

Updated 3/4/2015

Ethical Metalsmiths invites you, a leader in the field, to join the Ethical Sourcing Consortium of Jewelers.  Through the purchase of traceable & transparent materials, we will support small-scale mining communities.  Our Consortium was mentioned in a March 2014 Reuters Article, "Ethical gold aims to curb mining's toll in S.America"

The group's goal is to facilitate strong relationships between artisan jewelers and artisan producers.  This isn't about buying the "right" stuff, it is a movement! The group is catalyzing a paradigm shift in the US jewelry industry by connecting jewelers passionate about responsible mining directly to ethical sources.  In the future these will include precious metals, diamonds and gemstones.

EM works with member jewelers to use the Consortium model to source jewelry materials that can activate new markets and can improve lives on the ground.

  • Purchase traceable jewelry materials directly from small scale producer communities through transparent supply chains
  • Focus market demand and awareness for artisan made jewelry products using traceable and transparent materials
  • Support viable economic models for local/indigenous people  to be responsible stewards of their community and environment.

At this time, participation in the Ethical Sourcing Consortium is available as one of the benefits of your Ethical Metalsmiths Professional level ($250) Membership. Not currently a member OR want to upgrade? CLICK HERE.



Other materials of consortium interest: Gemstones, Diamonds, Precisous Metals.

If you are interested in helping to shape the next Consortium sourcing action please contact us at consortium [at] ethicalmetalsmiths [dot] org


To participate in the Consortium's mission and purchasing of ethically sourced materials, jewelers must be Professional Level members ($250 annual) of Ethical Metalsmiths. Not a member of Ethical Metalmsiths? Join Now!