Material Sourcing

Material Sourcing, the why, where and how of the stuff we use to make things is one of the most important topics that Ethical Metalsmiths explores. Connecting jewelers and metalsmiths with responsibly sourced materials has been our mission, our fundamental challenge and our greatest opportunity.

Ethical Metalsmiths encourages jewelers, metalsmiths and the public to advocate for transparency and responsibility while choosing what materials to buy.

Our supporters, curious jewelers and the public have contacted us looking for information about what makes a given country, community, company or material more or less ethical. Making informed choices about the materials we use can demonstrate a demand for items like responsibly mined metals and traceable gemstones. If enough individuals ask for, seek out and buy materials with a trustworthy provenance we will all be able to see the positive results of our choices.

Ethical Metalsmiths wants to help you wade through contradictory certifications and fuzzy claims made by suppliers. Our list of suppliers still requires that you weigh your own ethical sourcing priorities before you make any purchasing decisions.