Student Exhibition and Award

Ethical Metalsmiths (EM), an ethical jewelry and metalsmithing advocacy organization and EM Students, the student driven initiative of EM, proudly announce the 2014 Emerging Artist Award recipient, finalists and the 13 artists chosen for the So Fresh + So Clean exhibition.

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Ethical Metalsmiths Announces International Student Exhibition and Award

Fresh: Work that's happening now, challenging how we define the field of metalsmithing and jewelry.

Clean: Looking at how our studio practices impact the environment, and human health. So Fresh + So Clean was the theme of the exhibition described in the call for entries.

Student and recently graduated artists tackled the So Fresh + So Clean theme and submitted entries from five countries and four continents.

Participating artists approached So Fresh + So Clean from a variety of perspectives.
“One significant goal for the show was to begin a dialog about the variety of ways artists can define what it means to be an Ethical Metalsmith. They are buying materials locally, finding ethically sourced materials, reconsidering their toxic chemical consumption and disposal, exploring diverse fabrication methods, giving life to used or discarded materials, using green packaging materials, and joining like minded community groups all while creating work rich in content and that advances contemporary metalsmithing.”
Lucy Louise Derickson, Chair, EM Student Committee

Brooch by Joshua KoskerThe 2014 Emerging Artist Award* of $1,000 has been given to Joshua Kosker of Bowling Green, Ohio  Award Sponsor: Richline Group.
Progress - Brooch by Joshua Kosker featured on left.
Finalists for the award are:        
Hayley Beckley, Melbourne, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
2nd Place - $250 Sponsor: Rio Grande
Jessica Andersen, Audubon, Iowa
3rd Place - $100 Sponsor: No Dirty Gold

“Students are innovators, always trying new things, managing fears and failure - prerequisites for learning - and exposing their ideas to critique. It is their duty to be “So Fresh”. Artist statements, a mandatory aspect of the application process, include a range of “So Clean” approaches that reveal the personal values informing best practices.”
Christina Miller, Executive Director, Ethical Metalsmiths

Posters featuring the awardees will be mailed to academic institutions and trade schools across the globe. Sponsors Richline Group and Rio Grande also provided support for poster design and poster printing. Jewelspan - websites for jewelers, is providing one year of free website hosting and support for the awardees.The Emerging Artist is chosen from the the applicants for the annual International Student Exhibition.

The artists in this pioneering Exhibition are:
Melis Agabigum, Linden, MI; Jessica Andersen, Audubon, IA; Hayley Beckley, Melbourne, Derbyshire, UK; Fiona Christeller, Lower Hutt, NZ;  Julian De La Garza, Cranston, RI; Joshua Kosker, Bowling Green, OH; Catherine Large, Auchenflower, Queensland, AU; William McConnell, Portland, OR; Joseph Pine, New Paltz, NY; Madison Manning, Southlake, TX; Lauren Ryan, South Brisbane, Queensland, AU; Yushan Cassie Sun, Beijing, China & Richmond, VA; and Kerie Tonkin, Aldgate, South Australia, AU.

This year's award jurors and exhibition curators were EM Student Committee founding members: Lucy Louise Derickson, Kelley Morrison, Jane Barton, and Brian Fleetwood. Through this program EM aims to educate the next generation of jewelers and metalsmiths about mining issues and socially and environmentally responsible jewelry practices.

View the EM International Student Exhibition and Feature on Joshua Kosker, Emerging Artist Awardee.

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Lucy Derickson - 414-429-2616

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