So Fresh So Clean entry deadline May 31

So Fresh + So Clean 2nd Annual Ethical Metalsmiths International Student Exhibition and Emerging Artist Award

DEADLINE: MAY 31, 2015

Fresh: Work that's happening now , challenging how we define the field of metalsmithing and jewelry.

Clean: Objectively looking at how our studio practices impact the environment and human health.

Call for Entry 2015

This exhibition is two-fold: we are searching for the most innovative jewelry and metalsmithing work made within the past 2 years while creating a platform for an honest dialogue about the what it means to be sustainable.

Students who apply to the exhibition are eligible for the Annual Emerging Artist Award. This award will be given to a student who embraces the greater mission of the Ethical Metalsmiths organization, and shows exceptional drive towards redefining the field of jewelry and metalsmithing through their practice.

So Fresh + So Clean #2 continues exploring the variety of ways artists define what it means to be  Ethical Metalsmiths while highlighting the most innovative work from metalsmithing and jewelry students all over the world.

We understand a completely sustainable practice is  a farfetched notion. However, becoming aware of the ways our practices impact environmental and human health, is the first step in the right direction and adds an important layer to the creative decision making of artists. Simply signing up as a member of Ethical Metalsmtihs places you within this essential dialog.

Through the lens of sustainability and what it means to do the “right thing”  the Ethical Metalsmtihs Student Committee challenges you to investigate your studio, processes, methods, and personal goals. Consider the small everyday actions that may seem insignificant (like catching all of your filings and recycling them). Most likely you share a studio with many other students.

  • What are some of the things happening in your studio that regard environmental and personal health?
  • What are some of your aspirations for your own  personal studio?
  • What are some concerns you have regarding metalsmithing processes that you would like to see further researched, or changed?
  • Are there any processes or techniques you recognize as more ethical, better or wise?
  • Are there processes or materials you avoid for ethical reasons?
  • Tell us about it and show us the work you are making.

Submission Deadlines:

Entry deadline: May 31st

Notification of acceptance: June 31st

Exhibition released online: Sept 1st


Ethical Metalsmiths Emerging Artist Award: Chosen by jury

  • $1,000 prize money
  • Work featured on promotional poster, sent to over 200 schools around the world, and handed out at conferences.
  • Featured page on the EM students website, including periodic updates, and spotlight question and answer session.
  • Opportunity to work directly with the student committee

Juror’s Choice: Chosen by this years guest juror Renee Zettle-Sterling

  • $500 prize money
  • Work featured on promotional poster, sent to over 200 schools around the world, and handed out at conferences.
  • Opportunity to work directly with the student committee

Committee’s Choice: Chosen by Ethical Metalsmith Student Committee

  • $250 prize money
  • Work featured on promotional poster, sent to over 200 schools around the world, and handed out at conferences.
  • Opportunity to work directly with the student committee


  • Applicants must be a student member of Ethical Metalsmiths ($35.00 membership fee in the United States, $38.00 membership fee for international students), there is no additional application fee. (see sign up details below)
  • Metalsmiths, jewelers and artists no more than 2 years past graduation are eligible for the Student Membership
  • Work must have been made in the last two years

How to become a member:

  • United States Students: Follow this link (EM Student) click on “add to cart”, and check out
  • International Students (any students outside of the United States)
    • Follow this link to PayPal: If you are not already a PayPal account holder, you will be prompted to set-up an account.
    • Submit your membership donation of $38.00 to EarthWorks (our fiscal sponsor):
    • Include a message identifying Ethical Metalsmiths as the donation recipient
    • You will receive a confirmation email from PayPal (instantly)
    • Notify us that you joined via PayPal by emailing us at
      • In the message please include:
        • full name (and nickname if preferred)
        • website (if you have one),
        • phone
        • email
        • address
        • Student status:
          • Current school/School recently graduated from
          • Degree you are working towards/Degree received
          • Expected graduation/ Graduation date

You will receive a special follow-up email from Ethical Metalsmiths (1-5 days after donating) to share your benefits with you.

The Jury

Guest Juror
Renee Zettle-Sterling, the President of the Society of North American Goldsmiths

She received her MFA in Sculpture/Installation and an MA in Jewelry Metalsmithing from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and her BFA in Papermaking/Fibers from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She currently teaches Three-Dimensional Design, Jewelry/Metalsmithing, and Sculpture at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Ethical Metalsmiths Student Committee Members:

Lucy Louise Derickson, Kelley Morrison, Jane Barton, Morgan Babic, and Carli Holcomb

You can find more information about your student committee members on the About Us page of the website.

Submission Requirements and Guidelines


This is an online exhibition, so high quality professional images are extremely important.

    You may submit up to 5 artworks, with a maximum of 2 detail images per work.
  • You are encouraged to include up to 2 images of  in-progress or studio shots that highlights your ethical practice, or statement.
  • Images to be submitted must be .jpgs at 300dpi, and 1280 pixels on the largest side
    *Award winners will be contacted for larger print quality and will be asked to provide a images that are a minimum of 11 inches on the longest side at 300 DPI. Do not send these large images in your exhibition submission.
  • Images must be labeled in the following way
    • Lastname_firstname_title.jpg
    • Lastname_firstname_title_detail1.jpg
    • Lastname_firstname_studio1.jpg

Bio, Statement, Concerns, and Work Info:

Create one single .doc and attach it along with images in your submission

  • Please explain your current student status or if recently graduated and not enrolled in a graduate program list your degree, full name of your school , and country. Please use this format example:
    Graduate student, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA,  USA
  • Include an artist statement (200 words) that expresses:
    • Concepts behind your work AND
    • Your consideration of ethical practice in your work, studio, and/or future goals. (see introduction paragraph for guidance)
  • Briefly explain (2-4 sentences) one ethical concern you have that relates in some way to the jewelry and metalsmithing field. This could be a process, material, manufacturer, organization, or and anything else that you’d like to bring up. This does not have to relate directly to your practice.
  • Include a list of information for each artwork entered including:
    • Title
    • Materials
    • Dimensions
    • Year Completed
    • Yes or No: Do you have an image file available that is a minimum 11’’ on the longest side at 300dpi which can be used on promotional posters? Award winners will be required to send larger file sizes.

Where to apply:

  • Please email images and single document to with subject “2nd Annual FSFC”
  • Send any questions to

Downloadable PDF 2nd Annual-So Fresh So Clean

We are very excited to receive your submissions!