Radical Jewelry Makeover 2014: Report

Two major Radical Jewelry Makeover events took place in 2014 introducing over 2000 people to ideas of jewelry re-use, the differences between fashion, fine and art jewelry, and metal and gemstone sourcing issues in very fun, lively, engaging ways.

Radical Jewelry Makeover 2014: Report

Radical Jewelry Makeover - Richmond, VA (RJM-RVA)
Radical Jewelry Makeover - HOP - Dartmouth College, NH


RJM-RVA: Was organized and managed by Susie Ganch, RJM Director, in partnership with the Visual Art Center of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University. This edition of the project brought RJM home to its founding city, Richmond, VA, involved professional jewelers from both the region and past RJM project participants as well as students of all ages. The Visual Art Center of Richmond also hosted a solo exhibition by Susie Ganch – a great pairing between her studio work and the project (Watch the video).

RJM-RVA received jewelry donations from over 150 generous people. In total over 239 makers – professional, VCU students and community members – tried their hand at jewelry transformation either on their own or in the VCU jewelry and metals studio or at free workshops offered by the Visual Art Center of Richmond. Over 1500 people came to see the final exhibit. Susie Ganch gave presentations throughout the project along with project guests Melissa Cameron, and Christina Miller. VCU craft and Material Studies program ran RJM as a service learning course, enabling participating students to play a vital role in the behind the scenes of the project.

RJM HOP Dartmouth

RJM-HOP, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH: Was an independently organized RJM using the official RJM Tool-Kit to produce a fantastic edition of the project  (Learn More about the RJM Tool-Kit).  Lead host was the Hopkins Center for the Arts (HOP) Jewelry and Metals Instructor, Jeff Georgantes and a team of amazing people like Stephanie Pacheco, Ann M. DiLalla, Erin J. Smith and Case Hathaway-Zepeda as well as volunteer, Paulette Werger.

HOP collected used jewelry from more than 100 community members, some of whom furnished history and memories connected with the materials. Over 100 people of all ages participated in free workshops, fashioning new creations from the donations, with the help of teachers and Dartmouth students. A group of professional jewelry artists, including Dartmouth alumni and former guest artists, also made pieces. "Behind the Blue Box," an exhibition, unveiled both sets of stunning jewelry, which were sold to benefit Ethical Metalsmiths and the Community Venture Initiative; and event-goers enjoyed a presentation by Christina Miller of Ethical Metalsmiths. The professional works then were installed as a show in The Moore Theater lobby from May 13-June 15 and later at EM Member jeweler: Designer Gold.
(Official Online Gallery on EM website Coming Soon).
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