Learn from Matthieu Cheminee at 92Y

Matthieu Cheminee is a Parisian-born jeweler, photographer and teacher whose training spans three continents. His class on West African Filigree is being offered at 92Y in New York City. A discounted registration fee of 50% is available through Ethical Metalsmiths' online auction.

Matthieu Cheminee filigree braceletThis July 2015, Matthieu Cheminée is teaching a three-day workshop on West African Filigree, in which students can learn the traditional way of making filigree and how to introduce it in their own designs. The workshop is taking place at 92Y in New York City. 

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Course details:
First Session: Mon, Jul 20, 2015, 10 am - 4 pm
Day(s): Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday
Sessions: 3
Location: Lexington Avenue at 92nd St
Room: S353, 3rd Fl, S Bldg
Price: from $375.00 (NOTE: Receive 50% off by bidding for a coupon HERE)

Workshop supplies can be purchased at Metalliferous in NYC.

ABOUT Matthieu Cheminée:

Matthieu Cheminée is a Parisian-born jeweler, photographer and teacher whose training spans three continents. Known for using ancient techniques such as stamping and casting, along with contemporary CAD/CAM design systems, in his work, he lived in Taos, New Mexico, where he learned traditional jewelry techniques from Native American masters, then moved to Mali in West Africa, where he’s worked with master metalsmiths for many years—inspiring his book Legacy: Jewelry Techniques of West Africa.

Matthieu Cheminee filigree workshopIn his book Cheminée profiles individual makers, highlights specific techniques and takes readers through the creation of a range of beautiful objects, including handmade chains, intricate wire filigree, a neckpiece of silver inlaid into ebony and traditional Tuareg engraved pieces. Along the way he records and preserves customs passed down from one maker to the next. Such inspiring craftsmanship is the product of a network of endlessly interwoven relationships sustained across hundreds of miles and generations of makers.

Cheminée is currenly in Senegal with jeweler and publisher Tim McCreight to deliver donated jewelry tools to jewelers in the capital, Dakar and surrounding villages. Tool donations were made to the Toolbox Initiative

Matthieu Cheminee Tim McCreight in Dakar

Learn more about Cheminée by listening to an interview with him on Metalsmith Benchtalk (recorded March 12, 2015). LINK and visit his website.

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