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The Alliance for Responsible Mining and Ethical Metalsmiths begin collaboration to raise awareness on Fairmined Gold in the United States

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Few jewelers or consumers know where their metals come from or what impact those metals have on local mining communities and the environment. With the intent to raise awareness on the positive impact of Fairmined gold and connect ethical jewelers with Fairmined certified mining communities, the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) and Ethical Metalsmiths (EM) are now entering a formal partnership.

It was an inspirational breakthrough for the Fairmined initiative when in 2013 over 20 jewelers from EM’s  Ethical Sourcing Consortium - in collaboration with the refiner Hoover and Strong, the first US-based authorized buyer of Fairmined gold - for the first time ever imported Fairmined gold from the Fairmined certified AURELSA company in Peru to the US. Today, ARM and Ethical Metalsmiths are thrilled to announce their collaboration to promote responsible mining and raise awareness about the importance of ethical sourcing from Artisanal and Small-scale gold mines among jewelers and consumers in the United States.

ARM and EM will focus on bringing more players into the Fairmined system and on working closely with jewelers to create broader awareness around responsible sourcing and Fairmined. The organizations will also actively increase jewelers’ access to Fairmined gold and build relationships between miners and jewelers to increase market access and generate positive, measurable benefits to Aritisanal and Small-scale Mining communities.  

“Ethical Metalsmiths have shown incredible leadership and commitment to make an important change in how jewelers source their metals and generate positive transformation in mining communities through the Fairmined initiative. We are honored to partner with them and invite other jewelers’ organizations follow their example” said Lina Villa-Córdoba, Executive Director of the Alliance for Responsible Mining.

“The Alliance for Responsible Mining and the Fairmined certified miners like AURELSA are committed, professional and visionary. By qualifying responsible, formal, artisanal and small-scale miners with the capacity to access the U.S. market ARM is mine by mine transforming the way we think about artisanal mining and is empowering these model communities to show the world what they are capable of.“ said Christina Miller, Executive Director of Ethical Metalsmiths.

The jewelers of the EM´s ethical sourcing consortium have until now sourced 3 kilograms of Fairmined gold from the Fairmined certified mining company AURELSA through refiner Hoover & Strong.  Hoover & Strong will soon be offering a readily available stock of Fairmined gold accessible to anyone who is interested in supporting responsible Artisanal and Small-scale Mining communities by sourcing Fairmined gold.

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For press inquiries, interviews and photos please contact:

Siri Teilmann-Ibsen, Communications Coordinator at the Alliance for Responsible Mining, (574) 322 4711,

Christina Miller, Executive Director at the Alliance for Responsible Mining, (513) 551-0559

About the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM)

•    The Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) is an independent, global-scale, pioneering initiative established in 2004 to enhance equity and wellbeing in Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM) communities. ARM is committed to social justice and environmental responsibility as the values driving the transformation of ASM.

•    ARM's vision is for ASM to become a formalized, organized and profitable activity that uses efficient technologies and is socially and environmentally responsible. ARM’s work is focused on four strategic areas: Standard Setting, Producer Support, Market Development and Advocacy and Communications.

•    Fairmined Gold is ethical gold extracted by Artisanal and Small-scale miners certified under the Fairmined Standard. Fairmined gold is the achievement of the world’s pioneering and industry leading network of responsible Artisanal and Small-scale miners.  An initiative and movement led by and for the miners. The Fairmined model is open to all market players wishing to make a positive impact on responsible mining.

About Ethical Metalsmiths

•    Ethical Metalsmiths (EM) is a US based, internationally recognized, independent jewelry ethics association aimed at making jewelry a vehicle of long-term positive benefit for the global community. EM members are jewelers, consumers, educators, retailers, suppliers, and environmental stewards who are driven to create a legacy of beauty and justice.  EM is committed to responsible environmental practices, social rights, and economic justice.

•    Ethical Metalsmiths’ mission is to lead jewelers and consumers in becoming informed activists for responsible mining, sustainable economic development and verified, ethical sources of materials used in making jewelry.

•    Ethical Metalsmiths carries out its mission by: working directly with jewelers, consumers and suppliers to provide the most reliable resources possible for the ethical production of jewelry. EM sets jewelry making standards, holds jewelry producers and suppliers accountable and educates the marketplace about these standards. Ethical Metalsmiths collaborates with other organizations and community groups and individuals to realize its mission.