Exhibition of Ethically Sourced Jewelry

What is ethical jewelry? Pieces from today's leading jewelers - and members of Ethical Metalsmiths - to be exhibited and auctioned in New York.



Christina Miller, Co-Founder, Executive Director
Ethical Metalsmiths

cmiller @ ethicalmetalsmiths.org

Lisa Linhardt, Owner
Linhardt Design

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March 11, 2015 – Cincinnati, OH

Ethical Metalsmiths is hosting its first large-scale exhibit of jewelry made by its membership. The pieces will be on display from April 7 - 11, 2015 at Linhardt Design in New York. Gardens of Gold will celebrate the organization’s ten years of collective accomplishments.

Jewelers from across the US and Canada have loaned and donated pieces from their socially and environmentally responsible collections, some of which will be auctioned off to support Ethical Metalsmiths’ programs and outreach.

“From day one we wanted Ethical Metalsmiths to be a springboard for taking sustainably made and responsibly sourced jewelry into the mainstream” says Christina Miller, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the, non-profit organization. In the organizations’ ten-year history Ethical Metalsmiths has successfully advocated for responsibly sourced jewelry via partnerships with mines abroad and US-based refiners, which represents a first in the US. Their programs are intended to both educate jewelers about ethical jewelry practices and provide access to traceable supplies of raw materials such as gold, silver, and gemstones.

“The Gardens of Gold auction items and sponsorships that have been donated by our members and supporters are a testament to the generosity and dedication of our artisan jewelry community and their personal commitment to our collective goals,” says Martin Taber, Ethical Metalsmiths’ Board President. Proceeds from the auction will go directly to:

  • Building an innovative curriculum for educating emerging jewelers to work ethically from day one.
  • Advocating for ethical jewelry as the rule, rather than the exception on a consumer level.
  • Developing life-changing opportunities for artisanal miners to access markets with their traceable gemstones, diamonds and precious metals.

“Most consumers aren’t aware that jewelry is produced with mined materials that often put the environment, the miners, and the people living near mines at risk, OR that there are new opportunities to restore dignity to artisanal miners.” says Christina Miller. She continues: “Ethical Metalsmiths’ member jewelers are the backbone of our organization not only because they voluntarily pursue the most responsibly sourced materials available but because they also pioneer emerging and untested alternatives: Our members are effectively transforming the jewelry industry from the inside out.”

Gardens of Gold is a three-part exhibition and sale at Linhardt Design featuring:

  • Jewelry available by auction made by members of Ethical Metalsmiths and supportive jewelers
  • Jewelry made by professional jewelers for EM’s acclaimed Radical Jewelry Makeover project (1).
  • Jewelry made with Fairmined certified gold and silver (2).

Linhardt Design is located at 211 Mott Street, New York, NY 10012. The Gardens of Gold online auction features jewelry donated by Ethical Metalsmiths members and supportive jewelers. Anyone can bid on auction items March 10 – April 11, 2015. Exhibition and sale opens to the public Tuesday April 7 and closes end of day on Saturday April 11 – Hours 12-7PM.

Gardens of Gold sponsor, Tara Silberberg of Clay Pot acknowledges a growing interest among consumers in ethical jewelry, “As a leading NYC retailer of alternative bridal jewelry we have always had a customer base that sought conflict free stones and recycled materials. We want to support our jewelers who ethically practice their craft and take the time to ensure that they are not continuing the cycle of don't ask, don't tell.” 

Why are jewelers joining Ethical Metalsmiths and working collectively toward shared goals? Many share the same motivations as Jennifer Dawes, Ethical Metalsmiths’ Board Treasurer, “I use responsibly sourced materials because I create powerful talismans for people that are imbued with sentiment and heart.  These object need to be as pure as possible and free of any questionable sourcing to create as powerful an impact as possible.  I would like to set an example because my belief is that there is no reason why we cannot know EXACTLY where our materials come from.”

Related events of interest in NYC that will feature Ethical Metalsmiths and its partners include, The Gold Conference April 9-10 and the Alliance for Responsible Mining - Fairmined Information Sessions April 11 at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

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About Ethical Metalsmiths

Ethical Metalsmiths (EM) is a US based, internationally recognized, independent jewelry ethics association aimed at making jewelry a vehicle of long-term positive benefit for the global community. EM’s 250+ members are jewelers, consumers, educators, retailers, suppliers, and environmental stewards who are driven to create a legacy of beauty and justice. EM is committed to responsible environmental practices, social rights, and economic justice.

Ethical Metalsmiths’ mission is to lead jewelers and consumers in becoming informed activists for responsible mining, sustainable economic development and verified, ethical sources of materials used in making jewelry.

Ethical Metalsmiths carries out its mission by: working directly with jewelers, consumers and suppliers to provide the most reliable resources possible for the ethical production of jewelry. EM encourages best practices, holds jewelry producers and suppliers accountable and educates the marketplace about responsible practices. Ethical Metalsmiths collaborates with other organizations and community groups and individuals to realize its mission.