Ethical Metalsmiths Jeweler Directory UPDATE

Ethical Metalsmiths Jeweler Directory: A challenging reuse commission, new membership and more.

Challenging Reuse:

Taking on a customer’s old jewelry with the commitment to transform family gold into new jewelry comes with risks. Maybe the karatage is mis-stamped or the stones turn out to be fake and the customer, even though committed to a recycling project, may still be emotionally attached to the jewelry. The challenges associated with reuse are enough for some jewelers not to bother, but most of the jewelers participating in Ethical Metalsmiths Jeweler Directory are willing to work directly with a customer’s gold. A Directory listing landed Alexandra Hart a unique and significant re-use commission.

alexandra hart before and after rings

Hart documented her reuse project's progress with photos and video. To learn more follow these links:

PART 1, PARTs 2, 3 and 4, PART 5

New Members:

kara | daniel jewelry and Reflective Images are the two newest companies to join the Jeweler Directory and here’s why.

"We [kara | daniel] joined the EMD to connect with like-minded jewelers in sharing the possibilities of ethical metalsmith practices with clients. Ethical Metalsmiths as a whole provides us as studio jewelers with invaluable resources and connections to pertinent industry information."

"The Ethical Metalsmiths Directory is the best consumer resource for artisan jewelers passionate implementing ethical practices.  We [Reflective Images] are proud to be listed and support Ethical Metalsmiths excellent work on behalf of jewelers, people and the planet."

Both of these jewelers are committed to creating jewelry in alignment with Jeweler Directory’s “Ethical Foundations.” Take a moment to learn more about kara | daniel jewelry and Reflective Images and their activism by visitng their Directory pages and the following links.

kara daniel identitykara | daniel
This link showcases a recent project involving recycling gemstones and gold.

kara | daniel jewelry had its work featured in this year's publication, Gemstone Settings: The Jewelry Maker's Guide to Styles & Techniques by Anatasia Young. One of the pieces was a recycled gold and emerald project.

They will be participating in the Plaza Art Fair, Kansas City, MO from September 21-23, 2012


Reflective ImagesReflective Images
Reflective Images president, Marc Choyt was honored this month (Aug. 2012) by New Mexico Business Weekly and the New Mexican Green Chamber of Commerce for his sustainability leadership in the jewelry sector.  Choyt’s activism is most evident in the writing he does for Fair Jewelry Action. FJA is an organization that Marc co-founded which continues to be a resource for jewelers and activists looking for the transparent analysis of serious sourcing issues.

Interested in joining the Directory? Here’s what you’ll need to do.