EM Students Leading the Way

Ethical Metalsmiths values the ways students are advancing our mission by providing leadership, becoming members and participating in projects.

Ethical Metalsmiths Student Committee, established March, 2014, has been demonstrating their ability to rally other students to engage in a dialogue about responsible jewelry and metalsmithing practices through a new website, exhibition and awards.  


So Fresh So Clean Image CaptureThe group's primary 2014 goal was to design, manage and present Ethical Metalsmiths first ever International Student Exhibition and Emerging Artist Award. The exhibition officially opened online on Sept. 15 with a reception open to the public in Richmonda, VA on October 3, 2014. The call for entries for So Fresh + So Clean were circulated widely and included this challenge:
Fresh: Work that's happening now, challenging how we define the field of metalsmithing and jewelry.
Clean: Looking at how our studio practices impact the environment, and human health.

Student and recently graduated artists tackled the So Fresh + So Clean theme and submitted entries from five countries and four continents.

Committee Co-Chair, Lucy Derickson (MFA candidate at Virginia Commonwealth University), kept the project moving and had this to say about the project: “One significant goal for the show was to begin a dialog about the variety of ways artists can define what it means to be an Ethical Metalsmith. They are buying materials locally, finding ethically sourced materials, reconsidering their toxic chemical consumption and disposal, exploring diverse fabrication methods, giving life to used or discarded materials, using green packaging materials, and joining like minded community groups all while creating work rich in content and that advances contemporary metalsmithing.”


"Students are innovators, always trying new things, managing fears and failure – prerequisites for learning – and exposing their ideas to critique. Ethical Metalsmiths is inspired by the students and recent graduates located around the world that took the risk and shared their work and ideas for So Fresh + So Clean, EM's inaugural international student exhibition." Christina Miller, Executive Director of Ethical Metalsmiths

The 2014 Emerging artist award and finalists received cash prizes made possible by generous sponsors:
The 2014 Emerging Artist Award of $1,000 has been given to Joshua Kosker of Bowling Green, Ohio
Award Sponsor: Richline Group.

Finalists for the award are:        
Hayley Beckley, Melbourne, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
2nd Place - $250 Sponsor: Rio Grande
Jessica Andersen, Audubon, Iowa
3rd Place - $100 Sponsor: No Dirty Gold

The artists in this pioneering Exhibition are:
Melis Agabigum, Linden, MI; Jessica Andersen, Audubon, IA; Hayley Beckley, Melbourne, Derbyshire, UK; Fiona Christeller, Lower Hutt, NZ;  Julian De La Garza, Cranston, RI; Joshua Kosker, Bowling Green, OH; Catherine Large, Auchenflower, Queensland, AU; William McConnell, Portland, OR; Joseph Pine, New Paltz, NY; Madison Manning, Southlake, TX; Lauren Ryan, South Brisbane, Queensland, AU; Yushan Cassie Sun, Beijing, China & Richmond, VA; and Kerie Tonkin, Aldgate, South Australia, AU.

Please visit the EM Student website to learn more about this special committee and see the works selected for EM's first International Student Exhibition.

EM Students at So Fresh and So Clean opening reception

Lucy Louise Derickson: Committee Co-Chair
Kelley Morrison: Committee Co-Chair
Jane Barton: Founding Committee Member
Brian Fleetwood: Founding Committee Member
Carli Holcomb: New Committee Member
Morgan Babic: New Committee Member