Award Winners So Fresh So Clean 2015

Congratulations to the 2015 So Fresh So Clean award winners. Special thanks to all the applicants, guest juror, Renee Zettle Sterling, and award sponsors, Richline Group, Rio Grande and No Dirty Gold.

The 2015 So Fresh So Clean online exhibition and award announcement are available online.

Congratualtions to all the artists whose work was selected for the second annual So Fresh So Clean exhibition. Ethical Metalsmiths and the Student Committee thank you for sharing your creative visions with the organization and for dedicating creative research to responsible practices in jewelry. To learn more visit the ONLINE EXHIBITION.

Emerging Artist Award winner, Soohye Park, is featured on the EMStudents website, complete with image, artist biography and more. LEARN MORE

A message from the Ethical Metalsmiths Student Committee 

The members of the Ethical Metalsmith Student Committee would like to thank those who submitted work, and supported the So Fresh + So Clean student exhibition.  An incredible number of submissions were received, and with the help of our generous sponsors we were able to put together a carefully curated show, and create awards for three artists.

One significant goal for So Fresh + So Clean was to begin a dialog about the variety of ways artists can define what it means to be an Ethical Metalsmith. We understand a completely sustainable practice to be a farfetched notion. Being conscientious of this fact, becoming aware of the ways our practice impacts environmental and human health, is therefore the first step and adds an important layer to the creative decision making of artists.

We are excited to present to you student and recently graduated artists who are helping us start this global movement. So Fresh + So clean represents artists from ten countries on four different continents. These artists are buying materials locally, finding ethically sourced materials, reconsidering their chemical consumption and disposal, exploring fabrication methods, giving life to used or discarded materials, using green packaging materials, and joining like minded community groups all while creating work rich in content and that advances contemporary metalsmithing.

As So Fresh + So Clean spreads to communities across the world remember it is a catalyst to a longer even richer dialogue. We hope that as So Fresh + So Clean and Emerging Artist awards gain momentum we will continue to explore and redefine ethical practice. Join the conversation that will promote awareness and changes that will have lasting effects in shared and personal studio spaces around the world.

Ethical Metalsmith Student Committee,
Lucy Louise Derickson, Kelley Morrison, Jane Barton, Carli Holcomb, and Morgan Babic