Announcing New Membership Structure

Announcing Our New Value Driven and Needs Targeted Membership Structure

Ethical Metalsmiths is active across the United States, in Europe and Australia. We have been asking our members and volunteers these past two years what they want and how we can serve them better. Following this collective input, we are announcing the new and improved value driven and targeted membership structure.

Alexandra Hart Portrait    Peter Calvert portrait
By Alexandra Hart - Jeweler and EM Board Secretary and Peter Calvert - EM Development Consultant

The 2014 levels & benefits* now reflect the value of providing direct services to our entire national and international membership, such as the FORUM and Consortium.

For jewelers we have bundled three large value items together:

  • FORUM provides valuable research and insider info, saving time and legwork to improve studio health and ability to serve ecologically minded customers in a timely manner. Currently, 157 artists share via the forum; that number grows each month. New members (jewelers / artisans) are automatically added to the FORUM.
  • The Ethical Sourcing Gold Consortium: Enables pioneering jewelers to trade directly with certified Farimined artisanal mines - this service is unavailable anywhere else in the US. Note: On the horizon is the development of an Ethical Sourcing Gemstones Consortium. Learn more about the current Consortium offerings and structure.
  • Jeweler Directory - An individual page is important and helpful- it drives business direct to consumers. One time additional application fee of $50 and vetting process required but after that the page is set up, it remains active yearly upon membership renewal. Learn more about the Jeweler Directory.

Membership Levels Benefits ChartThe 3 each carry strong value individually, making $250 annually for the bundle a bargain. (CLICK ON CHART TO DOWNLOAD PDF)

We also have targeted memberships which allow for sectors of the community to participate and represent themselves in their own areas.

Our new targeted areas include retailers and vendors/manufacturers, separate from designers, created to help consumers research and make better choices.  Soon we will have the new Retailer Directory and Vendor/Manufacturer Directory up and running.

Students also have a very special place now with Ethical Metalsmiths. Students can participate in the FORUM, can enter the annual student exhibition and compete for the emerging artist award. READ MORE HERE.

When we join together, we have the potential to make real change happen in the precious metals & jewelry industries.  In less than 18 months, we have grown to nearly 200 members from 31 states across the country (+ the District of Columbia) & 4 nations.

These members help our stalwart team of staff & volunteers ensure that Ethical Metalsmiths keeps the Radical Jewelry Makeover torch burning, delivers more Fairmined Gold to jewelers, allows more jewelers to network through the Jewelers Forum, advocates year round for safer industry & studio practices, and remains your strong voice for a more wise and just way of creating beautiful & intimate connections through art!  

*To be clear, our beloved current members are grandfathered in for the benefits they signed up for at the rate they joined and will continue to receive those benefits until their annual renewal comes due.