A Call for Interns and Volunteers

Passionate about ethical jewelry? Consider an internship with Ethical Metalsmiths - we can work together to transform your passion into results.

Christian Noyce, EM Intern,  Portrait in Richmond

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This summer we at Ethical Metalsmiths were fortunate enough to employ an intern in our newly minted internship program.  Christian, our intern, worked on many projects that included, lab work on pickle solutions to investigate how individual studios can better dispose of their used pickle. Also on Christian's plate was organizational development and writing an article on the risks of deep sea mining. He worked with Peter Calvert, our development consultant, on a member renewal system and letters as well as with the EM Student Committee, currently based in Richmond, VA on brainstorming to expand their programming.

Christian was such a great asset to us, even if for only a limited time, so we have decided to make a call for interns and volunteers.  If you would like to intern with EM, email your resume and cover letter and ideas to mail@ethicalmetalsmiths.com.  Being excited about Ethical Metalsmiths' mission is the only qualification!

We loved having Christian work along side us for the past three months so much that we have decided to pay him via a lifetime supply of ice cream, pickles, and jewelry.

Thank you Christian.