RJM Store now featuring new work

An intimate selection of RJM VI - Santa Fe, NM pieces are now featured online, just in time for spring (and your Mother)!

Portrait Meg RobertsBy Meg Roberts

Hello and Happy Spring! This is Meg Roberts, reporting as the RJM Online Store Manager. I’ve been cataloguing items and running the online store for the last year and I want to show off some of the newest store items, fresh from the 6th edition of Radical Jewelry Makeover in Santa Fe, NM. Oh, and don’t forget, Mother’s Day is May 13th. Be sure to check out the store to see more about these featured pieces along with lots of other great RJM jewelry.

Ring Lorraine CateHere is a perfect springtime ring made by Lorraine Cate, from The Institute of American Indian Arts. This ring has a bright pink blossom that sits high on top of an intricate sterling silver base. Just incase you are wondering, it’s a size 7 ½.  Does your mother wear a size 7 ½?  Do you? To see more, click here for details.

Paul Neff earrings



These earrings are a personal favorite of mine, made by Paul Neff from New Mexico State University.  They are a completely unexpected mix of playful, earthy and geometric.  I also think the extra long ear wires look so fresh and fun.  Do you like fresh and fun things?  Does your mother? Click here for details!

Rose DeRatto necklace



Check out this necklace too! This piece was made by our very own RJM team volunteer, Rose DeRatto from Virginia Commonwealth University.  This necklace features scarab beetles placed along a strand of pearls. (They are faux pearls, making this necklace super affordable.)  These aren’t your mother’s string of pearls, but they could be! Click here for details.

Brian Fleetwood bracelet


Take at look at this piece made by Brian Fleetwood from The Institute of American Indian Arts.  If you can believe it, this bracelet started as a regular wooden bangle which Brian dutifully altered and carved and it now resembles an octopus tentacle.  If you look closely, you’ll see that the little red beads are held in place by 14k gold rivets.  Basically, it’s stunning.  You know who loves stunning things?  You! And probably your mother!  Click here for details.

Connie Tsosie-Gaussoin necklace


This last piece was, in my opinion, the “show stopper” of the RJM Sante Fe exhibition. Connie Tsosie-Gaussoin, an independent jeweler from Santa Fe, NM made the RJM version of a breast plate using glossy black beads sprinkled with a mix of colorful beads. Great use of color and so fun to wear! (I’m actually wearing it right now because I’m the store manager and I can do these things.) You know who else could wear this piece?  You...or your mother!  Click here to see more.


Please visit the RJM Jewelry Store for a selection of pieces made during different editions of the project. Your purchase is a tax deductible donation to Ethical Metalsmiths because the source jewelry was donated by community members and volunteer jewelers made and donated the new pieces to the organization. Thank you!

About the author: Meg Roberts has been a Radical Jewelry Makeover volunteer, taking on a variety of leadership roles each edition, since the project's inception and currently manages the online jewelry store. She is an aspiring sculptor/jeweler/metalsmith living in Richmond, Va. She specializes in interactive sculptures that encourage viewer participation and has recently started a jewelry production line based on her animal illustrations. Additionally she is a professional studio assistant to several artists in Richmond, VA.