TAP by Todd Pownell

Name Todd Pownell and Debra Rosen
Phone 216-773-8277
Email info@TAPbyToddPownell.com
Web http://www.TAPbyToddPownell.com
Address1667 East 40th Street #3B
 Cleveland, Ohio 44103, US

TAP by Todd Pownell explores the process of jewelry making with a deep respect for the innate properties of the material. The noble metals and gemstones display strong qualities of order and structure within their internal network. TAP works with a focused attention for the craft, which is a visible dialogue within the jewelry. The interaction of dark and light metals mixed with fine gold and diamonds combine to evoke a romantic sense of mystery and a sublime nature. The diamonds are bead set upside-down onto the surface in pave’ or scattered across the piece. With this reverse setting the diamonds capture and reflect light in a succession of broad flashes from the oblique angles, creating a feeling of twilight. Visually the effect is similar to the display of a gathering storm in the night sky. Or one can be reminded of the low angled light as it is cast across the vista into the gazing eye.

In 2008 Todd, with his wife Debra Rosen focussed on developing the design jewelry line “Tap by Todd Pownell”. They have since grown from a two to a four person workshop and the company is represented in stores and galleries throughout the country.

All of Tap by Todd Pownell jewelry is handmade in a renovated live/work loft in Cleveland’s urban core. The company is a member of Ethical Metalsmiths and the Diamond Development Initiative.

Tap by Todd Pownell was presented with the 2014 Mort Abelson Best New Designer of the Year Award at the JA show in NYC.

Tap by Todd Pownell chooses responsibly sourced materials. They know the origins of their gemstones.  The metal used is recycled from Hoover & Strong and diamonds are reused from old jewelry.  By living and working in the same place Tap by Todd Pownell reduces its impact on the environment.  Tap by Todd Pownell stands for social responsibility, a healthy environment and materials that are consistent with these values.