Gabriel Craig

Name Gabriel Craig
Phone 269.599.6164
Address1731 Unversity Street
 Ferndale, Michigan 48220, US

I make one-of-a-kind and custom jewelry. I work with clients to satisfy their unique needs without sacrificing quality craftsmanship, ethical material sourcing or aesthetic standards.

I have been a metalsmith for just under a decade and identify with craft as an ethically enthused lifestyle and form of manufacturing. In 2010 I returned to my native Detroit to join a growing activist art community interested in revitalizing the city. I view my work as an expression of my values, which is why I care so deeply about making jewelry an ethical and sustainable practice. In addition to making jewelry I am a freelance craft writer, a craft activist, and a part-time college educator. I have written essays for numerous craft publications including American Craft, Metalsmith, and FiberArts magazines; I have lectured on craft and staged craftivist performances throughout the United States; and I have taught jewelry making at numerous schools around the country.

I am inspired by historical metalwork and 19th century design. I often utilize contrasting textures, colors, or line weights in my work. I have an ongoing love affair with sumptuously patterned brooches and rings. I occasionally do work in other formats as well. I mostly work in silver, gold and ethically sourced stones (when available).  Much of my jewelry production is for exhibition, but I frequently take commissions.

I became aware of the ethical and environmental issues that plague jewelry making in 2005. From that time on I have become an advocate for the transparent and ethical sourcing of materials used in jewelry making. I have written about green jewelry for Metalsmith magazine and was briefly the green resources coordinator for the Society of North American Goldsmiths. From 2007 to 2009 I worked to build an infrastructure of ethical suppliers and working practices for myself, which I now employ in all jewelry I make. My bottom line: I use ONLY recycled or ethically sourced materials in my jewelry. I must know definitively where the material I am using comes from and that it was ethically obtained or else I will not use it. I invite interested clients to inquire as to the sources of the material I use, and am happy to disclose all information regarding the creation of my work. I believe transparency breeds accountability and ultimately change.