Chandally Jewelry

Name Sharon Chandally Pedrini
Phone 917-470-9432
AddressNew York, NY USA

Sharon Chandally Pedrini PortraitNew York-based jeweler Sharon Chandally is committed to creating designs that honor the earth as much as the bodies they adorn. From custom pieces to collections, all of her pieces possess a unique mix of the raw and refined that has come to characterize a diverse body of work.

Sharon comes from a long lineage of silversmiths, and draws her artistic vision from the resourceful and imaginative nature of the jewelers that preceded her. Her work is inspired by ancient cultures and incorporates playful elements such as asymmetry and kinetics. Maintaining a high level of craftsmanship, she constantly challenges herself to redefine the space around the body.

Sharon relates her design philosophy to the African symbol “Sankofa”, which depicts a bird flying forwards while looking backwards. The symbol represents moving towards the future while honoring the past. Sharon’s “past” consists of a rich cultural history where meticulous attention to detail and spirituality are paramount, while her “future” consists of subtractive sculpture, exploration of new materials and the experimentation with space.

Sharon offers an evolving line of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings on her website. She also loves working directly with clients to create custom, one-of-a-kind pieces, including personalized engagement rings and wedding bands that visually portray a couple’s story. Through an intimate interview process, she arrives at an understanding of the fundamental things that bond a couple, and embeds these essential qualities in the rings she produces.

Chandally Logo“For me, ethical means doing what is right when it’s more convenient to do what’s not. When natural elements like stone and metal are worn so close to the body, the creation process should be as pure as possible. If something symbolizes a couple's love, it should not have a history of harm.” The metals Sharon uses are recycled or Fairmined, and stones are conflict free.

Playful, earthy, and elegant, a Chandally piece is a rare organic fusion of ancient wisdom and modern spirit. Her work seems to span ages and terrains, and has been described as "Medieval, Art Nouveau and Modern all at the same time." You can read more about her background and view her work. LEARN MORE