Susan McCauley

Name Susan McCauley
AddressChappaqua, New York US

Susan McCauley makes one-of-a-kind and limited editions of fine jewelry in gold, platinum, palladium and silver. We also design and produce for charitable groups upon request.

I am fascinated by the natural world and, specifically, the seemingly magical energy that produces color and form. While studying gemology I was always visualizing jewelry designs for the gemstones I was learning about. Prior to making jewelry myself I collaborated with other jewelers to help realize the designs I had in mind and these pieces were sold via traveling trunk shows as well as in a few boutiques. For the most part I am a self taught jeweler and set-up my first studio by perusing tool catalogues and reading Oppi Untracht's books. Classes at the Y in New York City and private study with experienced goldsmiths led me to a focus on granulation which is an ancient method that involves the fusing of tiny 22k gold spheres in intricate patterns to a base of 22k gold. The process is done without the use of solder. I continue to enjoy the process of granulation but also appreciate and utilize other methods and metals in creating jewelry art.

Having been away from the field for several years, but never losing interest, I am happy to be returning to the studio. I am thrilled to join with other forward thinking Ethical Metalsmiths in the important movement to raise awareness and accountability on behalf of miners and the environment.

Jewelry is an Art Form. It is a vision of beauty brought to life with nature's gifts. Respect for the forces of nature that create the gemstones and the metals is inherent in my approach to creating a jewelry work of art. Much of my work begins by studying a particular stone and learning about its story through inclusions and other marks that tell something about its origins. Color is a primary influence for me and I will often choose to work with the paler colors for a softer look though the vivid colors are equally important in my selection of gems to work with. I appreciate all gemstones including those referred to as collector's stones and have built up an inventory over the years. Currently I use recycled metals in my jewelry and am looking forward to working with fair mined gold.

Specifically I make necklaces, pendants, chains, earrings, bracelets, rings and custom wedding/diamond engagement rings. I am happy to work with a client's gold and redesign existing jewelry.

Fair Mindedness and Fair Mining: I have a strong social consciousness and am aware of the many fronts where like minded people must work together to grow a greater appreciation for Fair Mindedness. This needs to take shape in our lifestyles and in our social habits. That the jewelry industry is looking at the issues of its own impact on communities and the environment is rewarding and encouraging. My business will be donating a percentage of profits to groups who work to alleviate suffering.