Utopian Creations

Name Ben Manning
Phone 61 8 8359 3113
Email ben@utopiancreations.com.au
Web http://utopiancreations.com.au/
Address20 Ebenezer Place
 Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia

Utopian Creations produces sustainably focused fine and fashion jewellery. At Studio Eco, our retail store, customers can view antique and ethically mined gems and spend time with sustainable designer/maker Ben Manning to design their perfect piece.

Utopian Creations began its life in 2005 as Australia's first fine and fashion eco-friendly, ethical, sustainable, jewellery company. As scientists learn more about our planet, we are all seeing how interconnected we all are and how small changes can have a large effect. The materials we use to make our jewellery are all either recycled, antique, vintage or in some cases 'ethically' mined. This is one of those cases where the word ethics can be confusing. Some customers prefer to avoid newly mined diamonds, gems and gold as they don't believe any mining is ethical, while some wish to see comprehensive environmental policies, complete custody chains, and certification showing they are free of child labour. We offer both vintage/antique and newly 'ethically' mined gems and diamonds, while providing ecologically friendly, high quality precious metals, a qualified jewellery designer, and the experience with green manufacturing techniques to put it all together.

Utopian Creations fine jewellery is heavily influenced by the customer. We spend a lot of time working through designs and ideas making sure the customer's wishes become reality. Years of experience sourcing ethical gems and diamonds provides us with an almost unlimited array of stunning stones to choose from and our eco-manufacturing techniques enable us to produce pieces with the smallest of footprints. Stunning wood inlay wedding bands are a specialty of ours.

Utopian Creations production jewellery is made from 100% recycled Sterling silver and utilizes the same eco-manufacturing techniques used for our high end jewellery. Styles range from the complete simplicity of the Dew collection through the sparkling brilliance of Kindle. The Cocoon collection is our best seller and Abandoned focuses on endangered flora and fauna from around the world.

Sustainability in design is an ideal that allows us to enjoy ourselves now, without harming the future for ourselves or for those who come after us. Utopian Creations works to bring these ideals into the jewellery industry by developing new manufacturing techniques and promoting ethical sourcing of materials.

  • 100% recycled metals, Platinum, Palladium, Gold and silver
  • ethically sourced gems and diamonds, Vintage, antique and ethically mined
  • eco-manufacturing, certified organic polishing wheels, vegan polishing compound, carefully chosen biodegradable chemicals (when needed).
  • 100% wind power used in our workshop and retail store.
  • 100% post consumer veggie printed packaging with certified organic cotton pouch
  • Carbon offset postage, travel and web hosting
  • % of diamond sales donated to Oxfam