Alexandra Hart

Name Alexandra Hart
Phone 619-286-9278
AddressPO Box 15235
 San Diego, California 92175, US

Using and promoting ethically sourced and recycled precious materials, fine art jewelry designer-goldsmith and sculptor I create one of a kind and limited edition couture and conceptual-art jewelry.

Dramatically alluring yet signally protective natural organic forms inspire me, such as the radiating shape of the anemone, the sensuous curves of the nudibranch, and the concave surfaces of the cactus. I hope to create jewelry which captures the delicate balance of the bold and sculptural with the sensual and graceful.  To make these one of a kind and limited edition works in gold, silver, platinum and palladium, I utilize the techniques of anti-clastic hammer forming, forging, carving and fabricating- allowing me to "listen" to the properties of the metal, and to fully exploit the metal’s three dimensional potential. I make a range of work from sculpture to collections for galleries and unusual engagement and wedding rings.

I am known for my sophisticated and artful couture jewelry and metal sculpture. With both Bachelors and Masters degrees in art and metalsmithing, with fashion experience designing for Lagerfeld and Givenchy jewelry, and with fine jewelry design and manufacturing with Barbara Heinrich Studio, I have achieved synergy among artistic inspirations, high design and skillful craftsmanship.

Since launching my business in 1995 I have won several awards and honors such as the 2009 Centurion Emerging Designer Award, the World Gold Council's 2009 International Advertising Campaign Selection, and the E. Avery Draper Award for Outstanding One Person Show in 2000.  I market to high end jewelry retailers by exhibiting at the prestigious Centurion in Tucson, AZ, AGTA's Spectrum of Design Pavilion in Tucson AZ,  and NICHE:The Show in Las Vegas.

Socially and environmentally responsible practices, I believe, are the responsibility of both designers and end consumers.  As a designer working with rare materials, I have important choices to make about sourcing in order to protect the future use of these resources.

From the start, I have been educating the consumer as part of my business mission by using my website, blog, facebook pages, and in person through discussions and hand outs- to share information and current news on ethical practices for the jewelry industry.  I  support ethical mining practices by staying informed, signing petitions to make policy changes, sharing the information with both colleagues and clients, and presenting my findings publicly through lectures, slideshows and panel discussions as well.

My business tactic has been to simplify my entire collection by using only 100% recycled precious metals and findings primarily from Hoover and Strong and occasionally from Stuller and my local caster, and I purchase diamonds only from two sources, both of whom provide the UN conflict free guarantee on their invoices.  Since 2006 I have stopped purchasing colored gemstones from any other companies than Columbia Gem House and my local dealer who is directly familiar with the supply chain.   The only occasions when I handle gemstones from unknown sources is when I am working with clients' stones in custom settings.  All of my jewelry is made in the USA and I conscientiously practice studio procedures which reduce impact on the environment.