ute decker sculptural jewellery

Name Ute Decker
Phone +44 (0)20 7354 4237
Email em@utedecker.com
Web http://www.utedecker.com
Address6 b Canonbury Road
 London N1 2HS, England

I am a studio-jeweller. In my London workshop, I individually hand-craft one-off and small series minimalist sculptural jewellery pieces in recycled silver, certified Fairtrade gold as well as bioresin.

The Greek word for "form" is IDEA.

For me, creating a form, be it in jewellery or any other medium, is a very personal abstract expression of my ideas and aesthetic sensitivity as well as values. Consequently, it is important to me that the beauty of my pieces is not only on the outside but is an integral part; from the mindful choice of the materials’ provenance through to the careful hand-crafting of each individual piece in my studio.

While I like to create one-off and small-series pieces that would be just as suitable to be displayed on a plinth, it is in the context created by the interaction with the human body that these wearable sculptures invite a broader dialogue. Just as the silence between notes in music is vital, I strive to create a harmony between the solid form, minimalist lines and the empty space within and around them to magnify the intensity of expression.

My work is bold, distinctive statement jewellery with a timeless elegance. I have been described as a "trendsetter," a future star, and one of "Britain's most inspirational designers of the year.” The Financial Times called me “the architectural jeweller."

I am among the world’s first jewellers to have launched a collection in certified Fairtrade and Fairmined gold. The Fairtrade gold collection PURE reflects in its minimalist, clean and pure lines the purity of the gold’s provenance.

 The Fairtrade Ecological gold in which I handcraft the PURE collection is alluvial gold mined by artisanal miners without the use of chemicals. A premium on the cost of gold from this collection will directly benefit the small artisanal mining community of Oro Verde in Colombia,  a collective of community, sustainability and environmental groups from the Choco region of Colombia. They have pioneered an environmentally sustainable, socially responsible form of artisanal mining that seeks to preserve the unique and vital virgin rainforest ecosystems while providing a fair, regular source of income to miners, their families and their communities.

The silver I work with is 100% recycled and in my studio I try to avoid using chemicals all together or where absolutely necessary, I use non-toxic, environmentally-friendly alternatives.

- Fairtrade and Fairmined Ecological Gold
- Recycled Silver
- Bioresin derived from sunflowers
- Recycled & recyclable packaging
- Eco-friendly print materials
- Carbon neutral web hosting
- 100% renewable energy supplier