Studio Practices

Studio Practices

Ethical Metalsmiths is in the process of creating a carefully researched and comprehensive guide for evaluating studio practices and materials according to environmental and socially responsible criteria. This guide will cover studio bench practices, including soldering, pickling, casting, plating, polishing, recycling and waste management.  When completed, this guide will be available in the Studio Practices section of this website.

Basic Measures to Reduce Environmental Impacts

    •    Recycling all metal
    •    Maintaining material purity for easy recycling
    •    Avoiding toxic processes such as plating
    •    Switching to less toxic chemicals
    •    Properly disposing of chemicals
    •    Minimizing water and energy use
    •    Minimizing waste
    •    Using cloth towels
    •    Installing fluorescent lighting
    •    Recycling all packing and shipping materials.
    •    Banning disposable water bottles
    •    Installing weather stripping
    •    Turning down the heat and air conditioning
    •    Walking, biking or riding public transportation to work

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