All over the world jewelers and metalsmiths are living near proposed, active and abandoned mine sites. Their proximity to the sources of our metals while using these materials themselves creates a unique perspective.

Consider becoming an Ethical Metalsmiths - Correspondent.

If you live near a proposed, active or abandoned mine, anywhere in the world, we'd like to invite you to share your thoughts about how living in such a place influences your thinking and art work. Many jewelers are deeply concerned about how the materials they used are sourced, but few have a first hand perspective. Your point-of-view could have a voice here on the EM website. Consider becoming a correspondent.

Our "Correspondents" pages currently highlight the thoughts and work of Rika Mouw. She is a jeweler and a self proclaimed environmental activist living in Homer, Alaska, the proposed headquarters of the controversial Pebble Mine. Living in this pristine, wild and now threatened environment has and continues to have a profound impact on Mouw's work and activism.

Are you interested in sharing your unique perspective with us?