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February 9th, 2012
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Dear Ethical Metalsmith,

This blog was integrated into the EM website Feb. 2012. Please bear with us as we develop its theme and content. Once in action, this will be a great place for you to share your thoughts in a public forum. Stop back soon!

Thank you,

The Ethical Metalsmiths Team



  • April 4th, 2012 at 10:17 pm by Orand Larson

    I studied metal work in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New York.
    This has been my passion for 54 years.
    Just turned 8I.
    Still working, creating, helping others.
    Accidentally ran across your organization on the Internet.
    Presently I spend half the year in SE Asia.
    I live in Thailand but do one-week workshops in Cambodia EVERY month.
    Hoping to set up a school in one of the 12 poorest countries in the world.
    Accidentally came across your website and I am absolutely THRILLED.
    Have always been aware of these issues.
    More environmental than ego.
    GLAD t o have learned about you.
    Will send a recently written CV to you.

    Orland Larson
    Trained in Wisconsin, Penn and NY
    Started the 1st accredited jewellery program in Eastern Canada
    54 years of contribution.
    I want to know more about you!

  • April 4th, 2012 at 10:18 pm by Orand Larson

    So glad I came across you people on the Internet!

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