Our Team

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Lucy Derickson and Kelley Morrison

Student Committee (EM Students), Co-Chairs

Co-Chair of the Ethical Metalsmtihs Student Committee is a position valuable for the students and the community.


cmiller_bio_imageChristina T. Miller

Chair, Advisory Council, Co-founder, Ethical Metalsmiths

I believe that every living being deserves to live its life within a thriving ecosystem. Our own behavior has the potential to determine the quality of others’ lives. I am optimistic about our future because there are many people willing to continue improving their habits and offering creative ideas for others to consider.

In 2004, I co-founded Ethical Metalsmiths with Susan Kingsley. We worked collaboratively to educate jewelers and the public about the challenges standing in the way of ethical material sourcing, encourage the making of responsible jewelry and offer support to jewelers willing to try out some new ways of doing things.

Today I am proud to continue working with an incredibly dedicated community of jewelers and consumers to leverage the power of jewelry to create long-term, positive benefits for the global community.

width=Susie Ganch (President Elect - EM Board)

Director of Radical Jewelry Makeover

I became involved with Ethical Metalsmiths in 2007 through Radical Jewelry Makeover. As a studio artist and professor, I felt compelled to “do something” about what I saw as wasteful use of precious materials.  As co-creator of Radical Jewelry Makeover I have been able to channel my energy into this positive project instead of being paralyzed by the daunting truth about mining or even more general information about the ways in which we mistreat our planet.  I really do believe that everyone can contribute to positive change in the world.  If each of us puts our energy and knowledge toward change, then change will happen.

I am Associate Professor and Head of the Metal Program at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.  I exhibit my work nationally and internationally, have been published widely in books and magazines and have received numerous grants. Having both an individual studio practice and collaborative work has brought deeper meaning to my identity as an artist.