Generous Donors

This is a list of cummulative support for all of 2011.

Individual Donors

Sharlaine Anapu, Boris Bally, Anna Bario of Bario-Neal, Susan Barth, Gail Brown, Jenny Butterfield, Marc Choyt of Reflective Images, Susan Crow, Jennifer Dewey, Christine Dhein, Greta Dietrich, Peggy Jo Donahue, Alexandra Hart, Arthur Hash, Susan Havens, Susie Ganch, Jennifer Gans, Valerie Kasinskas, Susan Kingsley, Jane Krepp, Edward Lay, Ali Limb, Ana Lopez, Sydney Lynch, Jan Mandel, Derek Mauk and Anne Foster, Susan McCauley, Renee Mendola, Chris and Danielle Merzatta, Erika and Andrew Miller, Michele and Marshall Missner, Dan Morris, Rika Mouw, L. Eugene Nelson, Todd Pownell of TAP Studios, Kristen R of Minoux Jewelry, Kimberlee Ruchaber, Julie Sanford, Gail Shaner, Justin Singh of Abbey Jewelry Studio, Martin Taber, Jen Townsend, Jennifer Trask, Jenna Wainwright, Hobbs Wells, and ADD YOUR NAME TO THE LIST

In Kind Donations

Santa Fe Jewelers Supply - Donation for Radical Jewelry Makeover
Rio Grande - Donation for Radical Jewelry Makeover
Patina Gallery - Hosting a Patina Coffee for profesional jewelers
Wire and Twine - Re-design of the Radical Jewelry Makeover Logo
Mr. Howard Singletary - Flight for one RJM assistant to and from Santa Fe

To see a list of all the jewelry donors and makers who contributed to Radical Jewelry Makeover, Santa Fe, NM please visit our RJM VI - Santa Fe, NM page!

Foundation Support

The Goldman Fund
Anonymous Foundation
The Linnemann Family Foundation

Supporters of our United States Artists Radical Jewelry Makeover - Fundraiser

Neal Anderson, Christine Clark, Sonya Clark, G Harker, Nick Tucci, HYART Gallery, Ann Lovell, Sarah Holden, ProVisions Productions, Sandra C Close, Sylvia Richardson, Dennis and Naomi Bahcall, Agnes Ganch, Jennifer Bueno, Amy Tavern, Tracy Featherstone, Ardis Bartle, Erika Miller, Lois Boardman, Gail M Brown, Tom Spleth, Anna Hepler, Sarah Filzen, Amy Bacon, Tim McCreight, Liz Clark, Caitie Sellers, Tom Joyce, Peggy Jo Donahue, Quirk, Kelly Nedderman, Kathleen W Kennedy, Candace Beardslee, Harry Sellers, Meg Roberts, Whitney Couch, Helen Carnac, Patty Nelson, Arthur Hash, Susan Iverson, Jason Hackett, Gina Pankowski, Sarah Loertscher , Kristine Sack, Mary Cox, Carrie Frye, LTP, Aria Remer, Martha D. Kennedy, Julie Sanford, Rob Jackson, Anne C Dahle, Dan Ganch, Namita Wiggers, Heather Schlupp, Will P., Kiff Slemmons, Soyeon Kim, Sayumi Yokouchi, Erin Williams, Jen Townsend, LeBrun Frye, M'lou Brubaker Jeweler, Mary Beth Owen-Zdanski, Brigid, Gary Schott, Brittany Hartman, Zumbrumdm, SP, Tim Bowring, Hoss Haley, Shay and Maura Church, Alyssa C Salomon, Rebecca Siswick, wearableJULES, Annie Grimes, Holly Garriott, Kaitlyn Evans, DB & JLK, Erica Stankwytch-Bailey, Adrian Fahrer, Sue Amendolara, Rika Mouw, Rachelle Thiewes, Jessica Turrell, T.J.Bowden, Jessica Keemer, Rod Northcutt, Lindsay Carone, Susan Cummins, Sarah Kate Burgess, Sharon Tonski, Kathleen Browne, Michelle Missner, Gayle Friedman, Curtis H. Arima, Ava Chan, Kari Rinn, Christina Shmigel, Marjorie Simon, Erica Runkles, Ash Hilton, Julia Barello, Lisa Norton, Jenn Wilson, Jaime Pelissier, Santi Matthews, Stephanie Voegele, Kim Thomson, James & Bernadette Unger, Claudia Franzelin, Marc Choyt, Nancy Val Kambouroglos, and several anonymous donors.

Please, if you gave in 2011 and do not see your name listed, please contact us. mail [at] ethicalmetalsmiths [dot] org