Corporate Sponsorship Policy

Ethical Metalsmiths Corporate Sponsorship Policy

Ethical Metalsmiths Corporate Giving Policy

Updated: January, 2014

Ethical Metalsmiths (EM) is committed to creating transparent, genuine and long-lasting relationships with its corporate supporters. EM welcomes opportunities to advance its mission and strengthen its future through meaningful relationships that share the organization's vision of a sustainable future with jewelry and makers contributing to the well being of the earth, its peoples, and cultures. This policy has been developed to encourage positive and transparent relationships with EM corporate supporters.

Since Ethical Metalsmiths founding, it has relied primarily upon the financial support of foundation grants and the generosity of individual supporters. Nevertheless, financial realities dictate that EM also seeks funding from other sources such as corporations and unique entrepreneurial ventures.

Ethical Metalsmiths recognizes, however, that the effectiveness of its work in jeweler and consumer education, advocacy, and coalition building depends on the organization’s credibility, particularly in the eyes of its supporters and the people it serves. The funding sources of any organization can appear to affect its legitimacy, particularly in situations where corporate support raises the possibility, inference, or perception of a conflict of interest.

Under no circumstances will the companies that donate to support the work of Ethical Metalsmiths (EM) affect policy or program decisions. EM cannot be bought, influenced, or discouraged from its mission to lead jewelers and consumers in becoming informed activists for responsible mining, sustainable economic development and verified, ethical sources of materials used in making jewelry. This policy aims to reconcile the need to ensure the long-term financial health and longevity of the organization with the desire to avoid potentially real or perceived conflicts of interest related to corporate giving.

Providing unbiased information about mining issues, material sourcing and studio practices necessitates that Ethical Metalsmiths be free of any appearance of conflict of interest. Accordingly, EM will not accept financial support from corporate entities unwilling to participate in the transparent reporting mandated by the organization.

Based on these guiding principles and EM's mission, the organization will:

  • Accept donations from businesses that share EM's values.
  • Consult the funder before using the organization’s name or logo on press releases and marketing materials. In turn, Ethical Metalsmiths expects to be provided with the opportunity to review drafts of similar materials produced by the corporate supporter.
  • Reserve the right to scrutinize sponsor behavior and call attention to questionable corporate practice at any time.

Ethical Metalsmiths will not:

  • Take money from industrial mining companies.
  • Accept donations from any businesses with strings attached or restrictions.
  • Will not endorse or support the activities, products, or positions of any business. 
  • Participate in any internal marketing of products or services.
  • Make any organizational mailing lists available for commercial use.

This policy is intended to insure that EM is independent from outside influences in the pursuit of its mission and to avoid potential or perceived conflicts of interest. EM does recognize that corporate donors will periodically need to be evaluated as new information about corporate donors comes to light. EM encourages its members and others to provide information about corporate activities that they believe have bearing on this policy.

Potential corporate contributions that may be problematic but are not adequately addressed in this policy will be evaluated by the executive director and, if necessary, by the Futuring Committee members. In addition, as questions arise, an ad hoc committee comprised of staff, Futuring Committee members, and outside participants may be formed to recommend refinements of this policy.

This corporate contributions policy will be used as a guide for EM’s executive director and Board of Directors to inform the organization’s fundraising activities. EM will continue to focus its fundraising efforts on foundation grants, individual giving and unique entrepreneurial initiatives.

Ethical Metalsmiths operates as a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization through fiscal sponsorship by EARTHWORKS ( All corporate sponsorships qualify as tax-deductible donations. Sponsors will receive donation documentation from Ethical Metalsmiths.