Board of Directors

Ethical Metalsmiths Board of Directors

Martin Taber, President
Owner, Taber Studios
Berkeley, CA

Susie Ganch, President Elect
Radical Jewelry Makeover, Director
Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, VA

Jennifer Dawes, Treasurer
Owner, Dawes Design
Santa Rosa, CA

Alexandra Hart, Secretary
Metals artist / Designer goldsmith
San Diego, CA

Anna Bario
Co-Founder, Bario-Neal Jewelry
New York, NY / Philadelphia, PA

Michele Chaboudy
President, Macabbey & Associates
The Sea Ranch, CA

Susan Crow
Jeweler, East Fourth Street
Northfield. MN

Robin Gambhir
CEO, Fair Trade Jewellery Company 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Monica Stephenson
ANZA Gems, 
Seattle, WA

Jennifer Carrol Wilson
Landscape Architect
San Francisco, CA

Wendy Woldenberg
Jeweler, W2 Jewelry Designs
Seattle, WA


If you are interested in dedicating time and expertice to Ethical Metalsmiths in the capacity of Board service, please contact Jennifer Dawes, Chair, Board Nomination & Recruitment Committee,