Advisory Council

Ethical Metalsmiths Advisory Council members believe in the organizational mission and offer their expertise and advice on an as needed basis.

Christina Miller - Chair, Advisory Council
Co-Founder, Ethical Metalsmiths 
Greater Cincinnati, OH

David Crump
Head of Business Incubation, Cockpit Arts
London, UK

Peggy Jo Donahue
Donahue & Associates
Philadelphia, PA

Kevin Murray
Curator / Writer
Brunswick, Australia  

Toby Pomeroy
Corvallis, OR

Elizabeth Shaw
Jeweler / Metalsmith / Professor
Queensland College of Art
South Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Susan Kingsley, Emeritus
Co-Founder, Ethical Metalsmiths
Carmel, CA


If you are considering sharing your industry knowledge and experience via Ethical Metalsmiths' Advisory Council,
please contact Jennifer Dawes, Chair, Board Nomination & Recruitment Committee,